Letters to the Editor

Better to rename part of road after a truly deserving group

I’m certain Carolyn and John David Crow are fine folks, but if we’re to rename part of Texas Avenue based on contribution to College Station there’s someone almost everyone would agree is far more deserving.

In fact without this unheralded person the city would not exist and could not continue to function, a fact the denizens of city hall would well be reminded of as they drive to and from work each day.

For this reason I suggest designating that stretch of roadway Taxpayer Drive.


College Station

Bryan city leaders trying to protect their re-elections

Eliminate poverty or remove it from sight? Where has our compassion gone and has it been replaced by greed in our small community? I realize contractors want land to build more Ag Shacks and apartments to rent. But with the city of Bryan’s new ordinance, turning potential home owners with family lots into guaranteed life-long renters makes the American dream just that, a dream.

Local “GOVment” bureaucrats supposedly worked on this half-baked idea for a year without any input from the taxpayers effected and unleashed it in two meetings within eight business days on an unsuspecting public. The perception seems to be “Who’s going to care about trailer trash anyway?”

Reducing manufactured housing values to zero could have chilling effect on not only our city and county, but also our school tax rates as well, which already have two bond issues up for vote and just a few years after a tax-rate increase and receiving more than $130 million in a previous bond issue.

There was some talk of money from the city that supposedly would help young families making $6 an hour to own their own $175,000 home. This is a pipe dream: Obviously somebody didn’t bother to ask the right questions or just refused to listen.

Now city officials are scrambling — not to solve the problem — but to save face. Let’s be honest, the city is now trying to come up with different alternatives after the fact and only because there is so much public and media attention on the issue which might interfere with upcoming elections.



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