Letters to the Editor

A&M leaders should be ashamed for allowing alcohol in the stands

It is with disgust and sadness to learn that beer and wine will be sold everywhere in Kyle Field starting this football season.

I'm a proud member of the class of '65 and have attended games at Kyle Field for more than 60 years. My son Trent, '92, a four-year football letterman, and my daughter, Amy, '98, are also proud graduates.

There is an abundance of alcoholic beverages available at pregame and postgame tailgates and parties. We are increasing the personal risks and the annoyance to our fans, students and visitors by having beer and wine sales within the sacred grounds of Kyle Field.

I've noticed in recent years, however, that administrative decisions are often driven by revenue streams and not by good judgment and doing what's best for our constituents. Aggies are proud and loyal fans who pack the stadium for all opponents without the sale of beer and wine and having to suffer the consequences of greater availability of alcohol at games.

I appeal to the administration to reverse this very bad, self-serving decision. The Board of Regents, Chancellor John Sharp, President Michael K. Young and Athletic Director Ross Bjork should be ashamed and embarrassed by this decision. Imagine how valuable the cannabis concession will be when it's tragically legalized in the state of Texas.

Proud Aggies have a history of setting the standards and not simply following the crowd and the money.



Why does Thomas Park suddenly need more parking?

Last week, Mayor Karl Mooney of College Station spoke on WTAW about Thomas Park Pool. I was appalled as well as furious when he said it was not fair to the "other residents" of College Station to fund improvements for the pool. How he sees this pool as a small neighborhood pool when the entire city benefited from the programs held there such as Kids Klub, water aerobics, swimming lessons as well as birthday parties proves that all residents benefit from the pool. I am sure the city, not simply our neighborhood, benefited from the fees collected from selling swimming passes and private parties.

I also am mystified why he believes the entire park needs to be revamped with expanded parking. Living only one block from the pool, the only time there is an abundance of cars is during the swim lessons and this is only for a few hours four times a week. Parking was never an issue until we started to complain about the city's neglect of Thomas Park. Now, all of a sudden the park needs more parking?

The bottom line is Mooney does not have my vote.


College Station