Letters to the Editor

Recent letter writer exhibited all the tropes of the liberal Democrats

An Aug. 2 letter said Republicans are trying to normalize Donald Trump's immorality.

I would like to inform the writer that when I awoke that morning, I was, indeed, still a Republican -- a happy and proud Republican, but that quickly changed when this blind hypocrite tried to besmirch all Republicans and our president.

The hypocrisy of the left goes beyond the pale. Liberals venerate people such as Bill Clinton even after the details of the Lewinsky scandal were revealed and he was impeached. But Clinton can do no wrong because he is a member of the organization, and Trump is not. This type of behavior is rampant in politics, but the left relies heavily on belittling. The letter writer called Rep. Elijah Cummings a distinguished African-American member of Congress, but if he had one scintilla of curiosity or honesty he would realize Cummings is not without sin or scandal. It is easy to look up but, of course, he won't believe it because it throws a dark cloud over a "distinguished African American."

I will admit that he hit all of the leftists's talking points, but that is all they are: talking points -- over used and becoming meaningless. There is no denying that part of Elijah Cummings congressional district is a rat-infested stink hole and if we continue to cover up corruption and dereliction of duties by using the race card, our country has sunk and is headed for ruin.

What Trump said about Cummings was about his nonperformance and had nothing to do with race, and I agree with him.



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