Letters to the Editor
Seeking information on Nov. 22 hit-and-run accident

Please help. On Nov. 22, about 7:45 p.m., my grandson was walking in the grass along the frontage road at the Harvey Road exit heading north. He was struck by a grayish Chevy Suburban which left the scene. He was thrown into the grass and was driven home by a kind person who witnessed the accident.

The witness is a student in Montgomery County studying to be an EMT. Due to disorientation and pain, my grandson didn’t get the man’s information.

Our grandson is recovering, but has internal injuries. If you are a witness to this hit-and-run or have any information, please come forward by calling 979-220-4692.

Thank you to the gentleman who came to my grandson’s aid. 979-220-4692




The pursuit of good and evil are conscious human choices

Recently I was asked to go see two movies that I had no interest in seeing: the Joker and A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood. This is not a critique of the movies. I will leave that to the professionals and every individual to assess on their own.

This letter is a reflection on a thought that came to me while watching one of the movies. I saw Joker first and my initial gut feeling was that I had just witnessed an example of darkness alive and well in the human spirit. It portrayed deceit and greed and where these things can lead a person if left unchecked. Halfway through A Beautiful Day , I had a thought that this movie was revealing how light from one person can create the possibility to dispel darkness in another person (it is still up to the individual to let go of the darkness). To me, it sent the exact opposite message as Joker .

Together, the two movies capture what it means to be human: We always must be wary of the evil in the world and the fact that it can emerge from out of each of us. yet, we each can summon forth light and goodness, even when life is bringing us down (pounding on the low keys of a piano). This push and pull between light and dark can happen in any interaction between people.

Both movies portrayed that the pursuit of good or evil are conscious choices that we make every day. In closing, I want to wish all people eho celebrate the birth of Jesus a Merry Christmas (to me, Jesus shines a light into the darkness), this is the Holiday I celebrate. If you do not celebrate Christmas, then I want to wish you a Happy Holiday, whichever one you celebrate (I do not know them all and so will not attempt a list). If you do not celebrate a holiday at this time of the year, I want to wish you the best in whatever you enjoy doing and hope that it will bring light into your world and someone else’s day.




Do Eagle editors even read the columns on the Opinions page?

Dahleen Glanton, journalist from Chicago, (Eagle , Dec. 3), called our president a snake several times. This comes from a city that is the most corrupt in our nation.

I appreciate the fact that there is freedom of speech in this country, afforded us by the Constitution, but almost to slander the president and the Office of the President is so offensive. If there had been that kind of ugliness aimed at the previous administration, there would have been consequences to be sure.

It makes me wonder if the editors of The Eagle read these opinions before they are printed.

Yet another thing to consider is the article recently buried in our paper that stated President Donald Trump donated several million dollars to a charity but it was not afforded front page status. Fairly presenting both the left and the right seems too difficult for The Eagle . I am seriously considering canceling my subscription.


College Station