Letters to the Editor

Opportunity to continue Sheriff Kirk's legacy

Brazos County has been blessed with a conscientious, honest sheriff, Chris Kirk, for a number of years. Some newer residents of our community may not realize that this caliber of elected official in this position has not always been the norm.

We have an opportunity to continue Sheriff Kirk's stellar legacy by electing Jason James. He excels in the areas that matter most, professionally and personally, and is worthy of stepping into the role of sheriff of Brazos County.

Jason earned both bachelors and masters degrees in criminal justice and has completed additional courses on critical subjects facing many communities, including gang violence, theft, sexual harassment and rape prevention, and drug abuse. Today's challenges call for a high level of expertise and a willingness to learn in order to meet the myriad demands of modern law enforcement.

With more than 20 years in this field, Jason has had a wide range of experience, including as a school resource officer, public information officer, supervisor -- including reporting and performance evaluation -- conflict resolution, and staffing community events. His two years as a public information officer for the Bryan Police Department strengthened his understanding of the importance of communication with the media and the public. He used both conventional and modern methods, including social media, to respond to requests from the media and residents and to provide real-time updates about public safety and other critical news and events.

Jason is committed to our community as exemplified in his active involvement in Lions Club, Brazos County First Responders Association and the Downs Syndrome Association -- in which he has served as president and as treasurer of the local chapter and as a member of the State Board of Directors.

Please join us in voting for Jason James, the ideal choice for sheriff of Brazos County.