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Candidate has the skills and experience to guide Precinct 1

Brazos County Precinct 1 has experienced tremendous growth in recent years, and it is projected to see more as the Brazos Valley continues to thrive. With the benefits of growth come a lot of challenges and the need for experienced leadership from county commissioners. Michael Schaefer offers the leadership and skills to guide the county through these challenges successfully.

Michael has been a full-time resident and business owner within Precinct 1 and in the county for more than a dozen years. As a custom home builder, he works with College Station and Brazos County officials within the precinct and understands the challenges faced by residents on both sides of the city/county boarder. As a full-time resident in the county he is familiar with the unique challenges that the growing population faces.

Michael brings a valuable set of skills to the position. His extensive background in accounting, decades of involvement in the revitalization of Downtown Bryan and his services on countless boards, including as the current president of the College Station school board, provide him with the experience to navigate growing demands while maintaining a fiscally balanced budget.

Michael Schaefer is the one candidate with the skills and experience to guide Precinct 1 into the future. I encourage you to support him as Brazos County Commissioner, Precinct 1.


College Station

Deep roots in the community and in County Precinct 1

I support Mike Ruesink for Precinct 1 Brazos County Commissioner. Mike has deep roots in College Station and Brazos County, having come from a strong family with a long history in our area.

I personally have known Mike since we were kids growing up here in the '70s and '80s. At an early age we all knew Mike was a man of integrity and hard work. That he dedicated his professional life in service to the residents of the area, including rising to the rank of lieutenant with the College Station Fire Department, surprises no one who knows him.

He now stands ready to continue that spirit of service and leadership as commissioner. Do yourself a favor and vote for Mike Ruesink for Precinct 1 commissioner.



Knowledge and city and Brazos County priorities is evident

We want to mention how effective Steve Aldrich has been as our commissioner for the past three years. Transitioning from College Station City Council to county commissioner has worked so well. He continues to get around to the community and his knowledge of the city and county priorities is evident in the how he has prioritized his term.

Steve's service, whether it is as commissioner or as an active member of the community, is commendable.

The bottom line is this; Steve Aldrich already understands the county's needs, and he is working effectively on true priorities that will benefit us.


College Station

Dedicated to serving others his entire life

I write to support my friend Mike Ruesink for Brazos County Commissioner of Precinct 1. I have known Mike almost my entire life. We grew up in Precinct 1.

As an adult, Mike served the people of College Station for more than 33 years as a firefighter. He also volunteered in many different capacities with the Brazos County Youth Livestock Show for more than 20 years. Mike has been dedicated to serving others his entire life.

Nobody knows the needs of College Station and the rest of Precinct 1 like Mike does. When he is elected, he would listen to everyone and serve us well.



Characteristics to be a good county attorney

We support Earl Gray for Brazos County attorney. Earl has demonstrated his skills in the courtroom with more than 20 years of experience as a prosecutor and defense attorney. He is genuine and sincere, with a strong interest in serving the community.

In our opinion, Earl has the characteristics that make him the best choice for our next county attorney. Please join us in voting for Earl Gray on March 3.


College Station

Watched candidate grow into a great attorney

I'm not usually a person who campaigns for candidates or outwardly discusses the candidates I support or vote for. Feeling so passionately about a candidate that I endorse him or her completely and unabashedly to everyone I meet is a surprise to even me.

That being said, it is important to me that the community know the candidate they are voting for when they vote for Eric Quisenberry. It is no secret that Eric's incredible wife, Sarah, has been our employee since 2013. I have had a front row seat to both of them growing in their careers in that time and not only does Sarah impress me daily with her unmatched professionalism, I have been able to watch Eric grow into the incredible attorney he is today.

I have watched him work harder and longer over the years and have been able to see his will to give 110% to get the job done at almost any cost. I say almost because the only things he won't sacrifice for anything in this world are his faith and his family. First God, then Sarah and their two children. Through God and family, he is able to confidently support everyone around him and fight for what's right in the community.

As a family man, conservative Republican, and active member of this community, he is driven do what's best for Brazos County and it's residents. As he already has proven in his time with the County Attorney's Office, his strong conservative values will help keep our community safe.

Need proof? Look up his work for victims of domestic violence and his Family Violence Rapid Response Team program. He's been working to keep families safe from abuse in our community and these programs will grow and get stronger if he is elected. With this being his seventh year in his current position as assistant Brazos County attorney, Eric already is familiar with the job requisites and will be ready day one.

Please do not take your right to vote for granted -- vote for Eric Quisenberry. Our community will be safer with him in office.



Knows more about the practice of law than most attorneys

I have been an attorney in Brazos County since 2015. Before coming to Brazos County, I went to law school at Michigan State and was fortunate enough to play football in college at Miami University in Ohio. I have had the privilege during my time both as a lawyer and student-athlete to come across individuals whom I admire and found myself looking up to. I consider Earl Gray to be a part of those select individuals.

I first met Earl in court in November 2015 as he was the opposing counsel on a case. I was quickly very impressed by not only his legal ability but also his tenacity and character. As many are gracious in defeat, Earl was even more gracious in victory. He was complimentary and has served as a mentor to me ever since.

Earl knows more about prosecution and the practice of law than most able-bodied attorneys in the Brazos Valley. Electing Earl as Brazos County attorney is not just the easy choice, it's the right one. Apart from his experience as both a defense attorney and a prosecutor, he's the best man for the job.

It is my privilege to endorse Earl Gray as county attorney.



More than 30 years experience in Sheriff's Office

For the past 23 years, Brazos County has been blessed with an outstanding sheriff in Chris Kirk, who has done an admirable job of leading a complex organization in addressing crime and promoting public safety. A key member of his administration has been Wayne Dicky, who now seeks the office following Chris's decision not to pursue another term.

Wayne, who has been with the Brazos County Sheriff's Office for more than three decades, has held almost every position within the agency and has served as jail administrator for 22 years. In that capacity, he is responsible for an annual budget of $14 million and more than 180 employees. His able administration of the Detention Division has reflected favorably on those of us who live in Brazos County.

A graduate of Sam Houston State University with a bachelor's degree and a master's degree in criminal justice, Wayne holds a number of professional certifications as well: he is a Certified Jail Manager through the American Jail Association and a Certified Correctional Executive through the American Correctional Association. He is also a graduate of the FBI National Academy and the Leadership Command College of the Law Enforcement Management Institute of Texas.

Wayne is a recognized leader in the criminal justice profession, not only in Texas but nationally; he has served as President of both the Texas Jail Association and the American Jail Association. Too, he is frequently called upon to provide training and technical assistance to a number of law enforcement agencies and organizations. He is an instructor for the National Jail Leadership Command Academy and for several programs offered by the Correctional Management Institute of Texas.

Of the candidates seeking the office of sheriff of Brazos County, none has the dedicated commitment or breadth of experience this position demands except Wayne Dicky. I hope you will join my wife and me in voting for Wayne in the Republican primary.



Honesty, integrity and excellent trial skills

I have known Earl Gray for more than 20 years. He is a man who always has exemplified honesty, generosity and excellent trial skills. He is a former assistant district attorney who prosecuted numerous felony cases in Brazos County.

For the past 15 years, Earl has been a defense attorney and has represented people accused of crimes. This balance enables Earl to see both sides of the question. He would be an aggressive prosecutor and the residents of Brazos County can trust his judgment.



Candidate has a lot of knowledge, experience

I support Earl Gray for Brazos County attorney. The County Attorney's Office has a significant impact in our community. Many people are not aware of how important the County Attorney's Office is to safety and well-being of each resident in our community.

It is important to have the most qualified candidate in office. Earl Gray is the perfect candidate to ensure Brazos County continues to thrive and improve. Earl Gray successfully has prosecuted all sorts of crimes in this county. He has managed a law office as a defense attorney and worked with hundreds of his own clients.

His experience in handling thousands of cases gives him unique perspective to handle each case that comes through the office appropriately.

I have tried cases with Earl. He is great to work with and has a tremendous amount of knowledge. He is likeable and relatable to jurors. The amount of experience and the perspective that he uniquely has makes him the better candidate for the job. I would encourage each voter to consider casting a vote for Earl Gray.



County Attorney Office experience is helpful

Eric Quisenberry is a man of integrity who is dedicated to serving the Brazos County. He has proudly served in the Brazos County Attorney's Office as a prosecutor for seven years. He is a leader who is unwavering on tough issues, standing with and supporting victims and our law enforcement agencies.

His vision for the Brazos Valley promotes safety for our community and for our families.

As a survivor of domestic violence, I am proud to support Eric Quisenberry for Brazos County attorney. I am confident that he would be tough on abusive partners and help put an end to domestic violence of women and children in our community. He is dedicated to getting victims the support and resources that are much needed to escape these horrendous situations.

Please join me in voting Eric Quisenberry as our Brazos County attorney.


College Station