Letters to the Editor

Eagle's opinion writer should watch Fox News occasionally

If The Eagle would assign just one opinion writer to watch Fox News from time to time you may get the whole story. I know that would be beneath the dignity of most exalted media types in today's environment, but you might be more in touch with what the majority of your readers already know, if that counts for anything.

At the State of the Union, the president did not shake hands with the vice president either and, if you will watch closely, the president already had started turning away when House Speaker Nancy Pelosi offered her hand. No doubt both ploys were discussed and planned beforehand so there was no snub.

The withholding of the nearly $400 million by the president pales in comparison to the more than $1 billion Biden threatened to withhold if Ukraine did not stop investigating his son, Hunter Biden. Just move along folks! Nothing to see here! Not even worth looking into, despite the fact the extended Biden family has raked in millions due to his high political position as has been widely reported.

Either both actions would have to be seen as a quid pro quo to a fair-minded observer or neither of them were. Let's be honest in our reporting.

As to Donald Trump's tweets being beyond the bounds of "taste and decency" compared to the behavior of the other 43 presidents, I'm sure a tweet is much, much worse than having sex with an intern in a room just off the Oval Office by Bill Clinton or John Kennedy sharing the sexual favors of Marilyn Monroe with his brother while president. These acts are very, very minor as seen by the media since both were committed by much admired and much loved like-minded Democrats.

But those tweets -- man, oh man, how rude can you get! C'mon, do not just air brush the historical presidential record to make Trump look bad.

Only Mitt Romney had the political courage to vote his conscience. Really! There was nothing else at play between Romney and Trump? No jealously. No hard feelings. OK if you say so, Editorial Board.

Next time you opine, please give a thorough and complete picture and do not skew and brush over important facts just to shore up your stance.



New B-CS librarian needs the support of the community

A new Bryan-College Station librarian has been hired. My mother, Clara Mounce, would be thrilled with the city and library system's choice.

May Beatrice Saba enjoy the same community support Mom did. Kindest regards,


Oakley, California