Letters to the Editor

It wasn't a mistake to impeach Trump

The Editorial Board (Eagle, Feb. 6) suggests that House Democrats made a mistake in attempting to remove President Donald Trump from office, knowing the attempt was likely to fail. I disagree and applaud Democrats for taking on a difficult task and trying to do the right thing.

The Trump administration's policies have been an economic, political and environmental disaster for the U.S. and the rest of the world. It has enacted tax laws which benefit only the rich, imposed tariffs that hurt everyone, overturned rules and regulations that protect the environment and public health, alienated our closest allies and obstructed legal immigration among other things.

President Trump lies consistently about everything. The Mueller investigation found evidence that Trump obstructed justice, but declined to indict him. He is under investigation for paying hush money in violation of campaign finance laws and misuse of money donated for his inauguration, he was fined for diverting charity money to his own use. Trump and his family have enriched themselves at public expense in numerous ways.

Finally, when Trump pressured a foreign leader to smear a political opponent by withholding military aid and then refused to provide documents related to the action, the House impeached him.

Using testimony from 17 members of Trump's own administration, Adam Schiff and other House prosecutors made a convincing case for Trump's guilt. So much so that many Republicans agreed that Trump did the things he was accused of. They argued, however, that Trump should not be removed from office for his behavior.

If Trump's behavior does not warrant removal from office then nothing does. A president can use any means to ensure his re-election and we have a dictatorship.


College Station