Letters to the Editor

Two stories on hemp vs. marijuana suggest that those who want to legalize marijuana have gotten the camel's nose under the tent. How long before "small" amounts begin to increase? How will police know whom to pick up, based in the convoluted definition on marijuana "that contains more than 0.3% THC"?

How many people saw the documentary on Denver? Marijuana legalization has increased crime and encouraged drug cartels to set up shop in Denver. Police there can barely keep up.

Chicago offers another example. Mayor Lori Lightfoot needed the proposed tax on marijuana to pay, in part, for the increased teachers' pay which emerged from the teachers union strike last year. Now, however, illegal marijuana from crime is making it cheaper. So why should users pay more for legalized weed, which carries a huge tax that goes to the city?

Chicago thought that not allowing marijuana shops to operate near schools would take care of that problem. Really? Kids are not stupid, and the cartels are happy to supply students as well as adults.

I hope that Texas never legalizes marijuana, but I fear the state will do so and will not study Denver and Chicago first. We can't assume that teens would not buy marijuana. Many will, and marijuana is still a gateway drug to strongly addictive drugs. And Texas is still close to the border.


College Station