Letters to the Editor


In Sunday's recommendation of Elizabeth Cunha for the open Place 4 seat on the College Station City Council, The Eagle mischaracterized her job. She does teach at A&M Consolidated High School as an instructional assistant, not a professional teacher. The error was The Eagle's.

Judgment won't be affected by donors to her campaign

Four individuals are vying for the vacancy on the College Station City Council. Elizabeth Cunha will have my vote. She has an impressive history of service to the city and has spent countless hours in civic and youth activities.

She is a longtime educator and Scout youth leader. I have served with Elizabeth on the city's Comprehensive Plan Evaluation Committee. She understands how the city works and has an astute perspective of our city's diversity and needs. Her long-term vision and desire to make key investments in the right places would pay dividends for years to come.

Elizabeth refuses to accept any donations to her campaign. This is commendable. I can trust that Elizabeth's judgment would be influenced by her knowledge and experience and not by the loudest voice in the room or those who finance her campaign.


College Station

A vote for council candidate would be a gift to everyone

College Station voters have a suddenly vacant seat on City Council to fill on Jan. 28. We voters don't often have such a gift offered us, with no shadowy agenda attached, to enhance city government.

This coming Thursday and Friday, polls will also be open until 8. Take some time on your trip home or to the store to cast your vote.

A vote for Joe Guerra, for his oft-stated background and expertise in city planning, would be a gift to all of us.

The fact is Joe is rooted in College Station. His heart and mind are focused towards responsible, creative development of our city. We need that mindset as we absorb the population explosion in the 2020s.


College Station

A symbol of hope and optimism

A few days ago I ran into a friend of mine. She's running for a vacant seat on the College Station City Council.

It's her second time running. The first time she actually won -- by a large margin. But, because of our local electoral system there was a runoff between the top two candidates. Despite winning in the general election, she lost the runoff.

About a month ago a seat came open on the council and once again she threw her hat in. I usually avoid posting anything online that is political. But this person is different. I have known Elizabeth Cunha and her family for years. She is one of the most selfless and driven individuals I ever have met. She has taught my kids in church, taught about half the city's kids at the local high school, raised a wonderful family and is married to one of the best men I have ever met.

Elizabeth Cunha wants only what's best for our community. She is not looking to increase her standing or personal pocketbook. As a longtime resident of College Station, she wants nothing more than to fight for the present and future of our community. And fight she will. She has a determination that will not die and an ability to communicate ideas, listen to ideas, make decisions and follow through.

So when she asked if I would put a sign in my yard I said yes. To many who drive by this might just be a another political sign in a yard but to me it's a symbol of hope and optimism for what I see as one of the best communities in the nation.

Elizabeth Cunha deserves our vote and College Station deserves Elizabeth Cunha


College Station

Knowledge and experience help

Many people have endorsed Joe Guerra in the special election for the College Station City Council, Place 4. I strongly endorse him, too.

I have had the privilege of knowing him and his family for more than six years. It has been a privilege that I am happy to have. In that time, I have seen him help many neighborhoods, including mine, with issues that would have affected our safety and way of life, as we know it.

His knowledge and experience in transportation and city planning have been instrumental in making College Station one of the best places to live and retire.

Joe Guerra truly would be an asset to our community.


College Station

Understands the needs of people

I am writing in support of Elizabeth Cunha for College Station City Council. I have known Elizabeth for just shy of 20 years. She has a deep love for our community and the well-being of all its inhabitants.

Elizabeth seeks to understand the needs of our residents in College Station and then advocates for them. I have witnessed Elizabeth walking through the neighborhoods to interact on a face-to-face level numerous times over the years. Her passion for research and transparency is incredible.

The energy she exudes is unparalleled and our community would be in excellent and capable hands with Elizabeth Cunha on the city council.


College Station

A willingness to listen to people

Over the past year, the residents in the McCulloch subdivision have had the opportunity to know Joe Guerra. Joe has diligently demonstrated a willingness not only to help our community, but to hear the individual concerns and needs of the local residents.

The McCulloch Subdivision serves as the oldest African-American community in the city of College Station. This distinguished neighborhood has seen so many drastic changes that have forced individuals to lose their property, sell or become displaced as a result of the continuous construction of student housing.

The city of College Station has undergone a tremendous increase as it relates to the student population. However, this growth has come at a considerably high price. Our local neighborhoods are being destroyed daily with the construction of exceptionally large homes that are accommodating several students at once. Joe has been empathetic to the neighborhood preservation and has continuously displayed the passion to help the community.

Guerra has volunteered to help clean up the McCulloch neighborhood in order to help senior residents who could not help themselves. As a local member of the Lions Club, Joe has delivered holiday meals throughout the neighborhood.

His generosity, sincerity and humanitarianism will not be forgotten. We sincerely express our support and stand behind Joe Guerra all the way.



College Station

Candidate is the Energizer Bunny

As you vote in the Jan. 28 College Station City Council election, I urge you to vote for Elizabeth Cunha. I have known Elizabeth for 20 years and have had the opportunity to work with her professionally as a teacher and as a volunteer in the community in both Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts and have worked elections with her. I have served with her in many church assignments and have known her on a personal basis as a friend.

I always can count on her to tell me what I need to know, not necessarily what I want to hear. She can look at a situation, assess it and produce a solution which is in the best interest of all involved.

She researches a solution carefully and fully before making a proposal. She tries to be equitable; she is compassionate and caring. Her integrity is beyond reproach. Her energy level rivals the Energizer Bunny!

Unfortunately I cannot vote for her as I live in the county, but I do know if she is elected, the decisions she makes will affect all of us positively, both neighbors in the county and residents of College Station, all of whom shop, worship, socialize, seek medical attention, and enjoy the benefits of College Station.

Elizabeth Cunha will not disappoint.


College Station

The values to keep College Station outstanding

I grew up in College Station and my husband and I both graduated from Texas A&M. After years of surviving Houston for our careers, we chose to retire in College Station because we loved the small town atmosphere and great quality of life the city had retained.

But after being back for more than nine years, I now see those qualities being jeopardized. Fortunately for us and other residents of this town, Joe Guerra is running for city council. I first met Joe at a neighborhood meet and greet. While it was clear he was very well-qualified and had the knowledge and experience to address the challenges of our fast-growing city, as well as plan for its future, what also impressed me was his demeanor -- calm and steady, smart yet humble. Joe is a genuinely good guy.

While it's his qualifications that set him apart as the best candidate, I'll be supporting Joe Guerra because he also has the values and leadership ability to help keep our city an outstanding place to call home.

Please vote for Joe Guerra for Place 4 on the College Station City Council!


College Station