Letters to the Editor

College Station City Council candidate is most experienced and qualified

As someone who gets around Bryan-College Station by car, bicycle, bus and foot, I am strongly supporting Joe Guerra for College Station City Council in the special election this month. We are suffering from the somewhat enviable problem of rapid growth outpacing the city's ability to plan and pay effectively. Dealing effectively with transportation will take knowledge of the available options, proposing solutions and forming coalitions for action.

Joe Guerra has demonstrated he has those capabilities, developed by decades of experience in transportation and city planning.

To me, the best example of his competence and commitment was when Joe represented the city of College Station on the regional transportation planning agency, the Metropolitan Planning Organization Technical Advisory Committee. Joe convinced the Metropolitan Planning Organization to dedicate 5% of funding for alternate transportation standalone projects. In plain English, this means 5% of state or federal funds appropriated for local transportation budgets now go to develop safe and accessible biking and walking infrastructure. Encouraging biking and walking benefits not only cyclists and pedestrians but takes their cars off the road, helping everyone and reducing congestion.

Accomplishing this took expertise, coalition-building, and patience. The MPO members had to be convinced of the proposal's technical and financial feasibility and also how it would benefit their constituents. Now, seven years later the residents of College Station have the opportunity to elect a person with the planning expertise, ideas to improve city infrastructure, long-standing civic involvement, and commitment to consensus to the city council.

I hope you will join me in voting for Joe Guerra, the most experienced and qualified person running, for College Station City Council, Place 4.


College Station