Letters to the Editor

CS Council needs people with transportation experience

As anyone driving during rush hour can testify, College Station has major traffic problems that need to be addressed practically, sensibly and quickly. Numerous surveys over the past decade have shown that traffic is the number-one concern for the majority of residents.

We need city council members with the knowledge and experience in transportation and city planning to help ensure the city selects the best transportation solutions. City staff members research solutions based on the direction of council and staff and then present various options to council. Council members have to make the final decision on the best option. With 29 years of transportation planning/engineering experience Joe Guerra has the best background necessary to provide that input.

Austin and Houston traffic demonstrate what we do not want College Station to become. We need a representative on the city council who fully understands the options and tradeoffs facing our city and can ask probing questions. In addition to asking questions, Joe has demonstrated that he knows how to build consensus to develop solutions. Indeed, he helped write the 2009 Comprehensive Plan and worked with neighborhoods during that process.

Joe is also active in our community and currently serves on College Station's Planning and Zoning Commission, is vice president of the Wellborn's Lions Club, is a current member of the Bryan/College Station Hispanic Forum, and was a past vice president of the Castlegate HOA.

I urge everyone who cares about College Station to join me in voting for Joe Guerra for city council.


College Station

College Station needs smart growth to become a reality

All candidates for Place 4 on College Station City Council probably would agree they are for smart growth. But we don't need smart growth just to be an objective we talk about; we need it to become a reality. We're fortunate to have Joe Guerra, a certified city planner and traffic engineer, running for city council who understands how the key elements of smart growth actually work, and who also has experience executing plans to achieve it.

In the real world, issues are interlaced and every decision has both intended and unintended consequences. We've all experienced this in our personal lives, but it's even more complex when your decisions have collateral effects across an entire city with commercial businesses, residential housing, utilities, traffic, security, schools, and a host of other factors to consider. If we want College Station to become an even better place to live, we need leadership with the background required to create a plan that actually makes it better. We also need leadership with the specific experience and skills necessary to execute that plan.

This isn't about politics. It's just what Joe Guerra does for a living.


College Station