Letters to the Editor

Candidate has been steadfast in support of neighborhoods

On Jan. 28, please support our neighborhood (and others which are threatened) and our city by voting for Joe Guerra for College Station City Council.

While it's typical of candidates to talk about "neighborhood integrity," Joe has been a steadfast supporter of neighborhoods in College Station for years. Among other efforts, he helped the McCulloch neighborhood get an overlay when its subdivision was being ruined by rent-by-the-room houses in 2015.

Prior to working in the city of College Station's Planning and Development Services as the transportation coordinator, Joe worked for the Texas Department of Transportation. He presently serves on the Planning and Zoning Commission, but perhaps most importantly for our current needs -- College Station now has traffic problems because of its rapid growth -- he has more than 30 years' experience as a transportation planner.

He is also a certified city planner and as we embark on finalizing the comprehensive plan -- which will shape how our city grows over the next 10 years - we need someone with his knowledge on the council. He is unquestionably the most qualified candidate.

You, too, can help make our city better. Please take 30 minutes out of your schedule at election time and vote for the one who always shows up, and is the candidate in the know for our city's needs now: Joe Guerra.


College Station

A chance to elect a strong, knowledgeable candidate

With the resignation of Elianor Vessali, the citizens of College Station have another opportunity to elect a strong, knowledgeable and experienced leader to city council. The College Station Association of Neighborhoods is proud to endorse Joe Guerra Jr. for this position to serve our city.

Joe is a certified professional transportation planner and certified city planner with more than 30 years in transportation, city infrastructure planning, design and engineering experience. With our city's rapid growth and growing traffic problems, Joe's professional training and experience is much needed.

Joe is also familiar with College Station's city government. While employed in the Planning and Development Office for the city of College Station, he served as the city's representative on the Metropolitan Planning Organization Technical Advisory Committee, worked the 2009 Comprehensive Plan, and developed transportation chapters for neighborhood and district plans.

For the past year, he has served on the Planning and Zoning Commission, and he consistently has asked insightful questions, demonstrating a long-term vision that is critical this year in particular, when the comprehensive plan is being revised.

Finally, Joe is deeply dedicated to our community. He has served as vice president of the Castlegate Homeowners Association, the Wellborn Lions Club and the Hispanic Forum. Guerra and his family are active members of St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic Church.

On Jan. 28, College Station voters can help shape a bright future for our city by electing someone who stands for smart responsible growth, fiscal responsibility and neighborhood integrity. Please join me in supporting Joe Guerra Jr. for College Station City Council.

Joe Guerra Jr. is the right person for our city at exactly the right time.


College Station

Fortunate to have a candidate with planning, traffic training

The College Station City Council is currently in the process of revising the Comprehensive Development Plan that is supposed to provide specific priorities for our city's growth in the next 10 to 20 years. This is an important document that provides city staff with agreed upon priorities to land use, zoning, economic development and neighborhood protection.

Given the importance of this comprehensive plan, we are very fortunate that we have a candidate such as Joe Guerra who not only has built his career as a certified traffic and city planning expert, he was actively involved in the development of the current plan.

We need Joe Guerra on the College Station City Council so that he can use his experience to create a plan that deals with the future of our city, not just the needs of the present.

Thank you, Joe Guerra, for offering to serve our community.


College Station

Ask a traffic planner to fix our traffic problems

Traffic was cited as the number-one concern, by far, in the most recent College Station Citizen Survey.

Who do you go to to fix your traffic problems? A traffic planner.

College Station currently is writing its new comprehensive plan that will set the course of development for the next decade.

Who do you go to to help plan your city? A city planner.

Joe Guerra is a certified transportation planner and a certified city planner. There is no substitute for his more than 30 years experience.

Please vote Joe Guerra for College Station City Council, Place 4.

Early voting runs through Jan. 24 at the CS Utilities Training Building. 1603 Graham Road.

Election Day is Jan. 28 -- only at College Station City Hall, 1101 Texas Avenue.


College Station

We need strong local officials to guide city

One of the best reasons to vote in the Jan. 28 special College Station City Council election is because local government officials directly are responsible for the changes made in any community, and they make decisions that can impact a city for generations. Everything from transportation to business development to affordable housing are decisions made by the city's leadership.

Although every city's infrastructure is different, the issues are the same. Don't be that one person who limits progress within in your city because you were too busy to vote. Your voice is needed and valued most during local elections. So, bring your friends and make it a party or bring your significant other and make it a date!

May I recommend the best candidate for the job: Joe Guerra Jr. Joe's experience includes city land-use planning such as the current review of our comprehensive plan and public policy recommendations. He worked on College Station's Thoroughfare Plan and Bike and Pedestrian Master Plan development while he worked for the city. Subdivision regulations, ordinance development and traffic impact analysis review for site plan and zoning requests are included in his current position on the Planning and Zoning Commission.

His experience, dedication and persistence make him the candidate to elect.


College Station

Experience, perspective needed on CS Council

My husband and I moved to College Station six years ago, in large part because of the quality of the College Station schools. As time has gone by and we have seen the proliferation of traffic and rental properties increase in our Southwood Valley neighborhood, we have questioned the long-term future of our new hometown.

Who in city government was planning for the future of homeowners such as us? Where would families who might want to buy our house in the future live if our streets are clogged with traffic and rental parking?

When I saw that Joe Guerra was an expert traffic and city planner, his candidacy for College Station City Council was an obvious opportunity to start answering some of the questions that we have had about our city's future.

Homeowners need Joe Guerra's experience and perspective on the city council. We need representation who is committed to our future rather than just dealing with the problems of the moment.

I'm going to urge all of my teaching colleagues, friends and neighbors to vote for our future and vote for Joe Guerra for College Station City Council on Jan. 28.


College Station

Thank you to all who made Christmas bright

As we embrace the start of 2020, the Brazos County Child Welfare Board would like to thank this community for making Christmas 2019 special for our children who are in foster care, as well as the children we serve in Brazos County. Through the caring and generous hearts of those who live in our community, wish lists were filled, gifts were wrapped, and deliveries were made.

We thank our staff members for all their hard work and each of our sponsors for all they did.

We also would like to say thank you to Ogden Resources Corporation for its support.

A special thanks to those who responded to our needs via Facebook and the individual who shared our needs.

We could not do this without all your support. Our hearts are filled with gratitude.


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