Letters to the Editor

Go online to learn all about College Station City Council candidate

I won’t waste time echoing the qualifications of Joe Guerra when you can go to the link below to read what others are saying about him.

You can rest assured that Joe would stand up for maintaining our neighborhoods and has the background and experience to contribute immensely to alleviating traffic problems throughout College Station.

All I will ask you to do is cast your vote to support our city.


College Station

Candidate would listen, make decisions, follow through

Joe Guerra has experience with the city of College Station. In his past employment, he helped develop plans for comprehensive/thoroughfare, bike/pedestrian, Southside, Eastgate, Central College Station, South Knoll, Wellborn and medical district. He wants College Station to provide services that our residents expect. He will help College Station strive to reach our core needs, improving with smart, responsible growth, yet be fiscally responsibility.

Joe listens to residents and respects our concerns. I was very involved when College Station was annexing Wellborn. He listened to our concerns and suggested options for resolution. Joe continues to inform us about College Station, whether zoning, plans, ordinances or changes that would affect residents and seeks our input on decisions.

Joe has training and experience as a professional transportation planner and a certified city planner. He is needed to represent the residents as College Station faces the challenges that rapid growth brings. He wants neighborhoods to be safe so that our families can thrive.

Joe shows commitment to College Station with long-standing civic involvement, serving as vice president of a home owners association and president of the Wellborn Lion’s Club.

He wants to keep the quality of life we currently enjoy and manage our growth. He would communicate, listen to ideas, make decisions and follow through.


College Station

A vote for all College Station, not just special interests

Why Joe Guerra for College Station City Council? Quite simply, in a special election necessary because of a vacancy, Joe Guerra is the candidate with the skills needed now to address the problems and issues facing our city. Budgets, taxes, comprehensive city planning and neighborhood integrity are areas in which Joe excels.

Joe Guerra has been active in this community for years and has a history of dedicated service to our community. A vote for Joe Guerra is a vote for all the residents and not just special interests.


College Station