Letters to the Editor

Continue to support planned growth, fiscal responsibility

Please vote for Joe Guerra, Jr. for College Station City Council, Place 4. Joe cares about our town and the quality of life of its residents.

Joe has served on the Planning and Zoning Commission and has an extensive background in urban transportation. Joe will continue to support planned growth and fiscal responsibility.

Please vote for Joe Guerra Jr. for College Station City Council.


College Station

Candidate has knowledge, experience and dedication

Joe Guerra has the knowledge, experience and dedication to be your City Councilman Place 4. I know Joe will be a great representative for all the residents of College Station.

He is an advocate for fiscal responsibility, neighborhood integrity and responsible growth.

Vote early now for Joe Guerra, or on Election Day Jan. 28!


College Station

Trump is not authoritarian, there is no white supremacy

Congratulations to Will Bunch (Eagle, January 16) on joining the floundering party of Democrats! In addressing some of his comments, which were all over the board, I cannot imagine how anyone in this country can make a decision to vote for Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren or Joe Biden. We have the greatest economy ever, more than 160 million Americans at work, unemployment at the lowest levels in decades and middle class folks are benefiting more than the rich from tax cuts and roaring economy.

So, would Bunch prefer socialism? Tell me what the Dems have done for this country other than growing government and taxing more and more and, oh, impeaching our president. Socialism never will succeed. Our country was founded on a free market and not government control. Look at Venezuela, which was once a very wealthy country. There are many other examples but that one is a more recent downfall.

What was Bunch's reference to white supremacy, Or authoritarianism, Or comments on hatred of women? What is the "political revolution" he refers to?

There is no white supremacy, Trump is not authoritarian, people do not hate women and I find Bunch to be a frightening journalist attempting to destroy our great country via the media. The right woman at the right time will become president. Elizabeth Warren will not.

Trump has not corrupted the White House, either. However, Barack Obama certainly did on so many levels: unending expensive trips at our expense (vacations), sending billions in cash to Iran, Benghazi where our people were murdered, abusing his power to have Republicans surveilled.

Margaret Thatcher once said, "The trouble with socialism is eventually you run out of other people's money."

Income inequality always will be ….always has and always will.