Letters to the Editor

Thank you everyone who worked on 'I Love America'

Howdy, Brazos Valley! I want to thank everyone who participated in our "I Love America" 4th of July event. A big hand goes out to our sponsors, our Lions, community volunteers, and the wonderful people who celebrated with us at the George Bush Presidential Library and Museum.

A special thank you goes to the 4th of July committee and its chair, Lion David Sahm. This committee included a larger group of volunteers and community professionals, especially our partners from the Bush Library and the Brazos Valley Symphony Orchestra. Thanks also to the many uniformed officers from College Station, the Brazos County Sheriff Department, Texas A&M and their EMS counterparts for helping to keep us safe. The gathering was one of our largest ever, and it went without incident

Because of our sponsors and volunteers, thousands of families picnicked on the grounds, visited the museum, reflection pond and presidential gravesite. Hundreds of young children had their eyes screened through our Lions vision program in the museum rotunda. Children played outside at the kids' zone and enjoyed train rides. Slovacek sausages, watermelon and most of the food trucks sold out by the time lights went out for the evening performance.

What a performance it was! The Brazos Valley Symphony Orchestra is always a treat to hear. The coordination with the Lions fireworks, as noted by fellow Noon Lion Marcelo Bussiki, was perfect. The combination created a fireworks finale that matches any in this great nation.

DIANE HOLT, president

College Station Noon Lions

Letter got it right about The Eagle's errant editorial

The Eagle Editorial Board got it wrong big time!

Kudos To Lawrence P. Marlin (Eagle, July 3) for his response to the left-wing editorial. Probably now The Eagle only will publish another writer's liberal drivel from yet another anti-Trump media outlet.


College Station

City of Bryan, police did not fail the homeless woman

Regarding the letter stating the city of Bryan failed the homeless woman (Eagle, July 8), perhaps the writer does not know that police officers and officials of the city swear an oath to uphold and defend the law. And if they are honorable and doing the right thing, they do that, no exceptions, from the mayor to the homeless.

Bryan did not fail this women; most certainly the police officers did not. If one believes the universally accepted thought that we are all responsible for ourselves, one can see where the ultimate responsibility lies. The city has ministries and individuals, including our family, who are willing to help those in unfortunate circumstances; but we are not responsible for this woman's plight.

It is especially appalling to think the writer blames those whose responsibility it is to follow the law.