Letters to the Editor

Democrats would reject a Washington or a Jefferson

Here we go again. The liberals and Democrats are spreading falsehoods and trying to create hysteria over the nomination of Judge Brett Kavanaugh by President Donald Trump. And why these actions? A conservative majority actually would abide by the Constitution as opposed to a liberal court that legislates, rather than adjudicate as the Constitution requires.

All of these supposed changes that Democrats and related liberal groups contend would be overturned are not even in the foreseeable future for the Supreme Court; that is, the left is creating something from nothing!

Five Democratic senators refused an invitation by President Trump to discuss the nomination. In upcoming days, while Judge Kavanaugh visits with senators, it will be interesting to see the reactions of the Democrats.

One recent source stated that the Democrats would even reject a George Washington or a Thomas Jefferson if nominated by Trump. Indeed, Democrats will do everything they can to prevent confirmation of any nominee from President Trump.



Living in a parallel time in the history of the world

I just finished a book about a politician who profoundly changed world history.

He was born to wealth and privilege, but he did not get on with his father. He was a mediocre student.

He manicured his hair such that it became his signature. He loved going to his various properties for relaxation and sport and did so on a regular basis.

His ascent to political leadership was sudden and unexpected, yet it suited him. He was fond of his army and navy and the influence they gave him. He adored the pageantry that went with military celebrations.

He was convinced that his strength in men and weapons and his nation's booming economy made him the most powerful man on earth. He threatened destruction to those countries that opposed him.

He sent impromptu messages to world leaders, some of whom he considered like family and others that he despised. Weakness disgusted him.

He took credit for success that he had little part in achieving, and he deflected responsibility when things went bad. He changed his advisers often, primarily when they proved their disloyalty by disagreeing with him.

He supported the church, and it returned the favor. Along with socialists and other lefties, he was suspicious of the press and its evil designs and false news.

He started a war unlike any that the world had ever seen. He thought himself a good man, and he regretted nothing that he did. Anything that went wrong was the fault of someone else.

Who was this remarkable man? Kaiser Wilhelm II, war lord of the Second German Reich. His direct influence on global events evaporated 100 years ago, but others picked up his banner.


College Station

Thanks for the article on the Consol graduate now in an Andrew Lloyd Webber show

Many thanks to Eagle writer Robert C. Borden! Some time ago, I called The Eagle to let it know about a hometown boy who made good, and thought someone might want to work up an article about him.

To my delightful surprise, when I opened up Sunday's paper to the "Brazos Life" section, on the front page, by Borden, Andrew Lloyd Webber's musical Love Never Dies and a cast member Tyler Donahue, who is a A&M Consolidated graduate and my nephew, there was a story including a picture of him.

The article revealed much skill, research, time and effort went into its preparation, for which I greatly appreciate (along with many other relatives and friends).

The moral of this story is to keep The Eagle informed of other personal or community stories of interest, knowing that you will have a listening ear!