Letters to the Editor

We need to fill the halls of Congress with patriots

The problem with border camps is that we have the wrong people in them. We should make every effort to return these people to their country of origin and fill the camps with our entire Congress.

These scurrilous individuals already have separated themselves from the people so they won’t be missed while interned. It is obvious to almost everyone that our representatives (both House and Senate) are more interested in power and lobby money than they are about conducting the business of our country.

The tactic of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is to make an accusation. It doesn’t have to be true. Just make the accusation and the press will run with it. Unfortunately, it appears to have become the tactic of both sides of the aisle.

Our only hope is to fill the offices of our government with true patriots. The people have that power and, actually, the responsibility to make that happen.

Since term limits, which are shadowed by our current government, never will see the light of day, the people should meet our responsibility and not vote for any individual currently in office. Then, and only then, can we make America great again.