Letters to the Editor

Detainment camps have been around in every war

This is a response to the letter by Rita Leisy. I have to agree with her: The 12 years of Nazi rule should not be forgotten.

But concentration camps are not an invention of the Germans. So-called detainment or assembly centers or concentration camps have been used all over the world before.

In every conflict, whether in Europe, North or South America, Africa and Asia, people were crammed into collective camps, aka concentrations camps. There were also intentional killings.


College Station

City of Bryan failed homeless woman, but Twin City Mission helped

Recently, a homeless woman was arrested in Bryan for driving her car without tags. She lives in this car so it's safe to say she might not be able to afford insurance and other requisite documentation. My friend, Dan Kiniry, advocate for the homeless and founder of Tiny Hope Village, led the charge in fundraising to bail her out, with a bunch of us chipping in.

Then, authorities said they were planning on issuing another warrant for her arrest because she didn't provide a permanent address.

Again, she is homeless.

Authorities told Dan she can use a post office box but he had 24 hours to find her. He doesn't know where she is. She could be anywhere because I don't know if I mentioned this, but this woman is homeless!

He miraculously found her.

But another officer said the police officer who told Dan she could use a P.O. box was wrong. So back to square one.

Thankfully,, Twin City Mission stepped in and hastily found this woman an apartment. All is well, except Brazos County should be ashamed of itself.

This is why people say it is expensive to be poor. Stop criminalizing homelessness!

This situation is especially infuriating given the context of our affordable housing crisis and the fact that the Bryan City Council just eliminated a major form of affordable housing with the April mobile-home zoning change without putting anything in its place.

They are making affordable housing scarce and then punishing the same people they are taking options from for their lack of options!

Bryan failed this woman.

Please donate to Twin City Mission and Tiny Hope Village. They are doing what our local elected officials have failed to do for years.

And please remember this when they ask for your vote in November.


College Station

An example of a political leader listening to the people

I want to thank College Station Councilwoman Linda Harvell for her support nearly two years ago in joining a large group of our neighbors in opposing the hasty approval of a zoning change on property bordered by the Rudder Freeway and Sebesta Road. The developer was anxious to build a "boutique" car dealership despite the concerns over the impact of the concrete footprint on drainage and the impact of signage and lighting in the adjoining areas. Councilwoman Harvell would not vote in favor of the zoning change until these concerns were addressed by the developer.

Congratulations to the developer and the dealerships for dramatically raising the topography of the property and for the installation of lower lighting standards.

We just celebrated the opening of three new car dealerships on a lot that we all hope will prove to be a successful location.

This is an excellent example of a political leader who was not afraid to express the concerns of the neighborhoods and a developer who was anxious to prove to be a good neighbor. Now that's a win/win.


College Station