Letters to the Editor

Thursday's tributes paled in comparison to the real D-Day

The D-Day beach ceremony, shown in great length on TV on Thursday, was a study in pomposity. Phalanxes of overdressed people far removed from the interspersed visions of youths crowded into landing ships, on their way to the lottery of death or victory. People, it seemed, there only to be posed for photographing, not for paeans of honor.

Pompous people haltingly read long, laudatory speeches meant to honor, which brought to mind Lincoln's simple, beautiful dedication speech at Gettysburg on Nov. 19, 1863.

Middle aged warriors of today were silly in their attempt to crawl up a netting meant to duplicate Rudder's cliff climbing kids of 75 years ago. But those kids then had M-1s and packs on their backs. It was not an honorable salute.

In truth, this great battle, just as Gettysburg, will be remembered long after this overly pompous ceremony is forgotten.