Letters to the Editor

College Station Noon Lions make July 4 event happen

I'd like to make a correction to Jenny Twitchell's otherwise fine article (Eagle, June 29). With all due respect to the actual sponsors of the 59th Annual "I Love America" event, the College Station Noon Lions do not "sponsor" the event -- we "run" the event, and have for a very long time. Why? Not money. Not fame.

We run our largest event each year simply to give back to the Brazos Valley community, to provide a marquis event that brings residents of our fine cities together, and to celebrate what it means to be an American. We serve!

The George Bush Presidential Library and Museum, Texas A&M University and the Brazos Valley Symphony Orchestra have been wonderful sponsors over the years. The cities also have contributed financially in varying degrees over the years. They truly have added to the event, and I don't want to belittle their contributions. We are fortunate to have such great partners.

But let's be clear: The event is executed by the Lions. We are the ones who set up, tear down, cook sausage, slice watermelon, serve food and drinks, staff the joy jumps, direct parking, coordinate the entertainment and fireworks, and then come out on July 5th to clean the entire area.

So when you're out there this Thursday, pat a Lion on the back and say, "Thank you!" They're easy to spot with their purple or yellow hats and vests.

DAVID SWEENEY, past president

Past "I Love America" event chair

College Station Noon Lions

Maybe College Station could get grants to rebuild Thomas Park pool

Regarding the closing of Thomas Park Pool and the proposed opening of a YMCA pool, College Station Mayor Karl Mooney wrote to a resident on Wednesday:

"There never has been nor should there be, in my opinion, a question of a YMCA operated recreational/social center OR a pool in Thomas Park. The two are distinctly separate."

Yet somehow these have become inextricably combined in some minds. Why close the Thomas Park Pool, the only public pool in northern College Station, and leave only Adamson Lagoon, two miles south that serves middle College station, and Cindy Hallaran Pool, four miles south that serves southern College Station? The YMCA pool would be even further south.

All three of our existing pools are needed to serve the children of College Station. The last was built 30 years ago. Clearly we have not kept up with the needs of our rapidly growing community. The proposed YMCA pool could help out here -- but not if, at the same time, one of our few existing pools is destroyed. When I was a member of the College Station Parks and Recreation Board around 45 years ago I wrote the original grant proposal that helped fund the pool in Thomas Park. Perhaps the city could apply for grants if it does not have the money.


College Station

Painting traffic cones would guide drivers

Driving down Texas Avenue, there is roadwork done on both sides. It was a sea of orange cones, very confusing to see where to enter any businesses.

I missed my turn, with all that traffic in front and behind me. My suggestion to the Highway Department, why not paint the orange cones a different color where the entrance is to the shopping centers. It would make it a lot easier to find. If I could have seen a few green or any other color then orange I would not have to miss my turn plus not holding up the traffic behind me.


College Station

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