Letters to the Editor

Alcohol and college football is a really bad combination

Do we really need to provide more opportunities for the kids to have booze? I am very disappointed in the decision by A&M to allow beer and wine sales to all fans at Kyle Field. I think that it will result in issues from excessive drinking in the stadium.

R.C. and his buddies will not be bothered in the air-conditioned boxes because they are isolated from the younger fans.

I think this decision is all about the athletic department making more money and whether it is the right thing to do was not even a factor. It is one more straw toward a decision to quit going to the games.


College Station

Don't confuse border camps with concentration camps

This letter is in response to Shellie Lyon and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's comparison of immigrant camps at our southern border to Nazi concentration camps.

I toured Auschwitz and Birkenau concentration camps last fall. Here are some facts: Nazis deported about 232,000 children and young people to Auschwitz, including 216,000 Jewish children plus Roma, Polish and Slavic children. The majority of the Jews immediately were placed into the gas chambers.

There were five groups of three ovens each for bodies to be burned at Auschwitz. Most adult prisoners lasted six months at Auschwitz. At nearby Birkenau, they gassed 8,000 at one time in several large ovens and these ovens ran 24 hours a day.

There were 22,000 children and young people as prisoners on Jan. 27, 1945. If you were a blond-headed child you most likely were shipped to a German orphanage for adoption. Otherwise, you were possibly a candidate for medical experiments, especially if you were a twin. You slept on a wooden bed with four to a bed. You wore wooden clogs and striped ill-fitting tops and bottoms.

There were gallows where several people could be hung at a time, or you could be headed to a location where the Nazis could shoot you. Food was poor and very meager. Your head was shaved when you got there since the Germans used the hair for other purposes.

I agree the camps lack so much, BUT please do not compare these camps to concentration camps I described above.


College Station