Mobile home parts are a mess

In trying to help my daughter find a place to park her mobile home, I was shocked at the condition of mobile home parks.

I can't believe these owners don't care how these parks look. We saw trash all over the parks, tires, cracked pavement, decks full of what looks like indoor furniture, trash cans left almost in the street and yards not being taken care of.

I have often heard the phrase "trailer trash" and now I see why.

These mobile home park owners should be cited by the city. Permanent home owners have guidelines. So should mobile home park owners.

To the city of Bryan, please take control of this terrible problem.



Getting animated over missing films

I am a big fan of animated movies and was wondering why none of the theaters in the area are showing Hayao Miyazaki's new (and final) film The Wind Rises.

Are people such as me doomed to having to wait for this film to come out on DVD or one of the movie channels?



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