Letters to the Editor

Bryan zoning change has been a travesty by government

The attempt to rid Bryan of the MU1 Zoning has been a travesty.

At the Planning and Zoning Commission meeting, a large crowd showed up. Speakers from the crowd all were opposed to the zoning change, but after threatening to cancel the meeting if we misbehaved, calling us misinformed, and telling us that poor people just simply should buy more expensive homes instead of trailers. The P&Z Commission unanimously recommended the change.

At the city council meeting, a crowd came, mostly against the change, but most of councilmen still voted for the change, but there were two votes against. We again were told, fact-free, that the media was misleading us -- although KBTX reported that the mobile or manufactured homes would be grandfathered in, and The Eagle reported that owners could replace them once. Some councilmen claimed that eliminating this more affordable housing would help end generational poverty -- ignoring the many residents who described manufactured homes as all they can afford.

Residents of MU1 are well-informed, and we didn't lie to them. A small minority of powerful wealthier people eliminating a form of affordable housing and raising the cost of living in poorer neighborhoods is hateful.

Mayor, P&Z Commission, councilmen: Humble yourselves and repent.



Prohibit commercials in order to lower prescription prices

There is a lot of talk now about the high price of prescription drugs. The price for some medications has sky rocketed over the past few years.

Experts are trying to figure out how to bring the cost of these drugs down. I don't consider myself an expert, but think I do have a partial solution to the problem. It is very simple. Restrict drug companies from advertising. Do the same thing that was done with cigarettes.

When we watch TV shows that are geared toward senior viewers, you see one drug commercial after another. Each manufacturer encourages you to ask your physician to prescribe its drug. Now tell me what physician is going to let a patient tell them how to diagnose and medicate a health issue? First of all, how many of us can remember the name of the drug long enough to tell a doctor. I sure can't and don't want to.

Just think of the billions of dollars that it would save if drug companies did not have to pay for the commercials that we have to endure while watching TV. This substantially should reduce the cost of drugs if the cost savings is passed on to the consumer.



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