Letters to the Editor

Bryan council should rethink plas for our old golf course

The recent move by the Bryan City Council is disheartening to say the least when it comes to the old municipal golf course -- or as we birders know it, Country Club Lake. The residents of Bryan overwhelmingly (70+%) in three different venues said they didn't want a sports park but a community/nature park.

The city still is planning on going forward with s sports park which it could do elsewhere and make a nature park here (say like Central Park in New York City). Predictably, the council now is going out for more money to paid by us the residents of Bryan. If the council had decided to pass on the sports park (to the tune of $40 million last info I have) it could be done at a fraction of the cost and it wouldn't need to go back to ask for more money.

In addition, it would be a economic boon for the area by increasing property values, potentially generating more heads-in-beds taxes from hotel guests as these kinds of parks generate a lot of ancillary funds, if not direct funds for the community.

As president of the local chapter of Audubon (Rio Brazos Audubon), I really don't want to see our No. 1 birding site in the county destroyed but instead improved upon and made to accommodate people from all walks of life, not just sports enthusiast. It already can with very little or no improvement be a dog park, wheelchair accessible (it already is) and good for joggers, etc., and it would not add to the traffic problem in the area.

I hope the city will reconsider this option before moving forward.



It's a little late for College Station leaders to worry about lost hospitals

The city of College Station is upset that it is losing more than $1 million of tax money with the sale of College Station Medical Center. The city okayed a new hospital built on the other side of Texas 6 a few years ago.

Anyone with any sense knows that two hospital less then one mile from each other would not be a good idea -- especially since the new one is tax exempt.

I think I will call that city government at its best.


College Station