Letters to the Editor

There are so many reasons to be concerned about America

Some reasons to be concerned:

• It appears that a local gymnastics/sports business believed it good for business to have "Give your kids what they want" painted on its van. This should cost it business.

• Disdain for the law by the public and our governments largely goes uncontested.

• The pseudo-relationships resulting from smart phone use moves people away from reality and positive relationships.

• Unrestricted smart phone use is imperiling the relationship health of family units and the effectiveness of learning in our schools.

• Religious belief is falling and will move many away from healthy, morally based personal and public decisions.

• There is heavy bias in our media reporting which contributes to our divisiveness.

• How can our federal government do its job serving and protecting the public when its "activity" is playing political games, especially wasting money and spending time looking for crimes for political purposes. However, crimes by government workers should have consequences and there have been none to date for proven crimes by government leaders.

• Current immigration policy causes chaos at our borders: entering illegally is mostly uncontrolled and easier than legal entry, much more costly to taxpayers, and adversely will affect our culture with uneducated, low-standard workers, and increased drug/criminal activity. This is directly the fault of our "do nothing" Congress and is not President Donald Trump's fault.

• Our debt is unsustainable, and nobody is paying attention. We are short sighted.

• There are so many more, I got confused and quit.

Beware America.



Memorial is a good time to discuss national service

On this Memorial Day it seems appropriate to me for us to discuss national service for all individuals of "draft age."


College Station