Letters to the Editor

Flores understands climate change dangers

A May 23 letter by a "born again Democrat" asks for opinions on Rep. Bill Flores.

I am an independent who finds excellent candidates in both of the major parties. Rep. Flores is one of the best. He represents our district well -- for example, his support for A&M. He is smart and will sometimes follow his own logical analysis rather than the position of his party leadership.

Rep. Flores is one of the few Republicans who accepts the mathematically-based findings of climate scientists on global warming. Climate scientists have worked for decades on the problem of accounting for the changing temperature of the Earth, and they have succeeded. They now have mathematical explanations of ice ages and warm periods in Earth's history. They are certain that increasing carbon dioxide in the atmosphere causes warming. Thus, burning fossil fuels (natural gas, coal, and oil) adds CO2 to the atmosphere and growing atmospheric CO2 is the origin of global warming. A warmer Earth produces extreme weather events such as more frequent floods, tornadoes and droughts.

Every few weeks, The Eagle carries a front-page story reporting on a nearby destructive weather event.

It is unfortunate that many of Rep. Flores' colleagues are guided by politics and not science. We will suffer because of them.

Hang in there, Rep. Flores.