Letters to the Editor

Bad drivers making traffic worse around Bryan-College Station

We have trouble right here in Bryan-College Station. Yes, right here. Trouble is spelled with a capital T and that stands for Traffic.

Nowhere have I ever experienced so much tailgating, speeding and running red lights. Some people must have no depth perception, are always in a hurry, be color blind or all three.

Every day, I see dangerous driving that easily could cause serious and deadly accidents. This is particularly true for some people who own expensive cars, SUVs or trucks. These people do not own the road. We do not want to become another Austin, do we? I hope not.

So let us obey the laws, be courteous, cautious and get this capital T out of our Traffic.

Tyrone Gormley


Fall of the Berlin Wall had been a long time in the making

It was strange to read in the paper about Ronald Reagan and the fall of the Berlin Wall. He made a speech, sure, but it was actually the result of a long prepared uprising in East Berlin.

I studied and worked in both Germanies for a long time. The fall of the wall was part of a centuries-long struggle beginning with the philosophies of Kant and Lessing in the 18th century.

Then there was Marx and Egngels and even the anarchist Bakunuunin. They opposed autocracy and religious dogmatism.

The first socialist chancellor in West Germany was Willy Brandt,who made higher education free, but, more important, he opened West Germany to commerce and travel to the east.

Now there is the struggle against provincialism and racism, which is mainly conducted by the Green Party.

Michael Kraft


Eagle Opinion page could use  a better balance of viewpoints

Almost all of The Eagle’s international, national and statewide news coverage comes from other news services, as do all your Opinion page pieces, and there is little or no attempt by the publisher to present more thought balance.

On Nov. 21, there was an opinion piece by Margaret Sullivan of The Washington Post wringing her hands about news sources, especially Fox News, which is clearly a conservative news source, but it's about the only one available since her newspaper and by far the other print, cable and broadcast media, including PBS, leans heavily the other way.

President Trump is certainly not perfect nor is Fox News, but I think neither gets a fair analysis from print media, which includes the Eagle Opinion page.

GJ Wilson