Letters to the Editor

A voting system that includes paper ballots is best

The Brazos County Commissioners Court will be making a final decision very soon about purchasing new voting equipment. This investment is huge and the new equipment will be used for many years to come.

The state of Texas has approved only two choices: a fully electronic system and a combination of electronic and paper ballot system. The fully electronic system is similar to the current equipment in use. The combination electronic and paper ballot system produces a paper ballot with the voter's selections marked on the ballot. The paper ballots then are scanned to read the ballot selections and the paper ballots are stored for use if a recount is necessary.

Brazos Elections Administration recently held a demonstration of the proposed voting equipment and the Commissioners Court held a workshop on for presentation and discussion regarding this equipment. Discussion included comments about cost, trade-in, and number of machines necessary. There also were comments on the ease of use versus cumbersome issues, security and several comments saying voters prefer a paper-ballot system.

I prefer the combination electronic and paper ballot system because a paper ballot would provide physical evidence of my vote and confidence that if any election is questionable, the physical paper ballots can be used for a recount. The world we live in today should cause everyone to understand that electronic data can be compromised regardless of good and faithful intentions of those operating the system. Even if an electronic system may not be compromised, claims of error are not uncommon.

There is no compromising information on a physical paper ballot. Voter confidence is of utmost importance.

Please contact the Brazos County judge and the county commissioners as soon as possible and insist that they purchase a voting system that uses paper ballots.



CSAN is a nonpartisan group that works to promote the city

I appreciate the candor in which Leslie Donovan (Eagle, Nov. 1) felt that CSAN -- the College Station Association of Neighborhoods -- is a left-leaning PAC due to the sole fact that almost every sign that she sees, is placed next to a Beto O'Rourke sign.

College Station City Council elections are nonpartisan -- which is another reason to vote no on Proposition 1, to keep them that way. So being either right- or left-wing is not relevant. I wish the writer of this letter would have done the own proper homework and reached out to the organization for comment before rubber stamping it with a generalized partisan rhetoric.

Donovan says to do your homework, Don't let the fringe voices from the left influence your vote or steal your rights. By all means please do your homework. College Station Association of Neighborhoods, the platform that they stand on, and its contact information can be found at neighborhoodintegrity.org or on Facebook at College Station Association of Neighborhoods.

In the words of a member of the CSAN Leadership group: Some of us lean right, some left. Together we all lean forward for College Station.


College Station

We should do something to remember Hazana Anderson

Recently, we heard a story about a missing 2 1/2 year old child by the name of Hazana. When this story initially came out, the community came together in hopes of finding the child. Unfortunately, as a community we heard that the child was not missing but had died as a result of abuse.

We all mourn for her as though she was our own child. I am not certain what we can do for her, but as a mother of two adult children and a yia yia to one precious granddaughter, Riley, could we come together again as a community and remember this precious child in some small way? I am not sure what we could do, maybe create a fund in her name and donate it to charity, or plant a tree in a park -- something so that her short life could be cherished and know that she was loved by this community as though she was one of our own family members.

Please share your ideas and remember to pray for her and her abusers.


College Station