Letters to the Editor

Dictionary doesn’t begin to describe an American veteran

The dictionary defines a veteran as “a person who has served in the military.”

That definition doesn’t begin to describe what a veteran really is.

• A veteran is the 22-year-old college student struggling with classes, knowing his brothers and sisters are still over there fighting in his place.

• A veteran is the single mother working two jobs trying to keep a roof over her head and food on the table for her two kids.

• A veteran is the father working 60 hours a week to save enough money to send his daughter to the college of her dreams.

• A veteran is the first responder who works daily to fight the fires, keep crime off the streets and to save the lives of people who insult his choice of fighting for their freedoms.

• A veteran is the homeless man who wakes up every day on a park bench because his PTSD will not allow him sleep in an enclosed room.

• A veteran is the disabled person who rides the bus to get to his VA appointments, while people stare and mock his limp.

• A veteran is the lady who wakes up at all hours to meet soldiers and sailors in the airport just to give them a hug, because she knows they need one whether they think so or not.

• A veteran is the elderly man who takes his grandkids to the cemeteries to place wreaths and flags on the graves of the forgotten.

• A veteran is often the forgotten.