Letters to the Editor

A candidate with a record of smart, fair service to Bryan

I am writing to encourage all residents who live in Bryan Single Member District 2 to get out and vote for Rafael Peña. Bryan urgently needs his intelligence, pragmatism and sense of justice.

As many Eagle readers probably know, the current council, with the full support of Mayor Andrew Nelson, plans to plunge Bryan into massive debt -- $59 million in debt. Let me say that again: $59 million of debt. This debt is not going to be directed toward improving drainage, repairing roads, building sidewalks or bike-lanes, maintaining public parks or developing affordable housing, improvements that Bryan needs now, improvements that enhance the quality of life for residents. (Even if the debt were directed toward these projects, I would still not support forcing it on residents.)

The $59 million of debt will be incurred to build a super park, to which residents of Bryan will have limited access and, in some cases, will have to pay to use. (See City Code 19-38.) A park that is not projected to generate profit for at least five years. A park built for tourists, not residents.

Rafael Peña supports smart growth. He supports drainage and sidewalks for residents. He would advocate to maintain Bryan's public parks, which are in serious need of attention. He would advocate for improving Bryan Regional Athletic Complex instead of acquiring millions of dollars in debt, and wasting precious resources, to build something new.

How do I know? I looked at Peña's previous term on the council (2014-2016). As councilperson for Single Member District 2, Peña added money to the park budget without asking residents to take on public debt. He led the effort to build the pool at Sadie Thomas Park, and he ushered through numerous infrastructure improvements.

Peña's record of smart, fair service speaks for itself.


A decades-long commitment to CS and its neighborhoods

For the past several years, the College Station Association of Neighborhoods has endorsed candidates for College Station City Council. Each year, CSAN evaluated carefully the candidates and conducts lengthy interviews with them. This year we were impressed by the integrity and impressive work experience of both men, but John Crompton stood out and received our endorsement.

John Crompton has an extraordinary depth of knowledge and a decades-long commitment to College Station and its neighborhoods. After graduating from Texas A&M in 1977, Crompton joined the faculty and, over the course of his career, he has become one of the world's leading experts in the marketing and financing public leisure and tourism services. He received the top awards given by Texas A&M for each of its three missions: research, teaching and service.

While cities across the globe pay Crompton to advise them on how to improve their planning, College Station will have those services for free. He understands what it will take for College Station to move forward and become an even better city. Fiscal conservatism, traffic management and government transparency are a few of the planks on Crompton's detailed platform.

Traffic is a key issue that John Crompton understands. Our traffic problems are getting worse year after year. Bandages do not work. We need a city council with a vision and a strategy. Crompton understands that, and that building the transportation infrastructure of the future will require cooperation with the county and Texas A&M. Moreover, Crompton has the connections required to build those relationships.

I hope that you will join CSAN and many other supporters of College Station's neighborhoods and vote for John Crompton for College Station City Council.