Letters to the Editor

Time for followers to abandon the cult

Now that Donald Trump has said to his cult members that his call to the Ukrainian president was a "perfect" call and they believe him and believe he did nothing wrong, there is no hope for this group of people. They will ride the Trump train off a cliff.

Don't bother trying to talk sense into these people. You are wasting your time. Unlike most cults, people belong to this cult for a multitude of reasons. The majority belong to the cult because Trump brazenly espouses white supremacy, which is very appealing to racists formerly hiding in the shadows.

Another group belongs because they are fake Christians. I say fake because there is no way real Christians would have the immoral Trump as their cult leader.

The third-largest group in the cult already was brainwashed by the likes of Fox News long before Trump even came along.

Some cult members tick all three boxes. Avoid any interaction with these people.

We only can hope that the Trump cult members' offspring break away from the cult.

GREG RICKS, College Station

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