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Residents of College Station need to back sustainable growth for everyone, not quick profits for just a few

Former College Station City Councilman Barry Moore (Eagle, Nov. 1) wrote, "In some cases, developers also are required to make improvements to roads outside of the development to mitigate the impact of the new neighborhood to nearby homes and businesses. These costs are passed through to home buyers as they purchase new homes in the neighborhood."

In fact, improvements to roads outside of the development are credited to the developer in the state formula for determining impact fees.

Moore also said, "... economic growth will result in higher tax revenues," failing to explain that taxes will be higher for everyone unless cities find a more equitable way for growth to pay a portion of the costs incurred.

Moore further noted that "during the past five years, new development has contributed more than $1.5 million in additional property tax revenue streams annually." He failed to add that the impact fee formula credits developers for the projected tax revenue. He also failed to mention the study on impact fees for College Station projected a cost of $30 million a year for the next 10 years.

And Moore used the often repeated cliché that "Communities are like businesses: You're either growing or you're dying." Once again, the devil is in the details of how growth is occurring. Uncontrolled growth in a community, a business, or an individual can be cancerous.

Smart and sustainable growth is what is required. Funding our rapid growth is costing all homeowners in the form of higher taxes, increased utility rates and the neglect of maintenance that would otherwise be funded if our tax dollars weren't so heavily invested in servicing growth.

Residents of College Station need to support sustainable growth for everyone over quick profits for a few.


College Station

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