Letters to the Editor

Everyone at Madisonville St. Joseph Hospital is wonderful

I have been in Madisonville St. Joseph Hospital for rehabilitation since my open-heart surgery, in September. I want to thank my prayer warriors, including members and pastors of Bedias United Methodist Church, Shiloh Baptist Church, Madisonville United Methodist Church, Faith Outreach Christian Center in Navasota, and many friends and neighbors for their continued prayers, I want to thank the Madisonville St. Joseph Hospital Ladies Auxiliary and Heart to Heart Florist in Madisonville for the unexpected flowers to brighten up my room.

I have been blessed with much appreciated visitors from both Bedias and Madisonville friends and neighbors.

Now I’ll let you in on what must be Madisonville’s best kept secret: Our little St. Joseph Hospital staff. I have been an registered nurse for more than 40 years, and I cannot sing enough praises for all the staff who are taking such wonderful care of me. Dr. Hubley’s dedication to his patients is wonderful.

The support staff in Madisonville are kind, caring individuals and no department is lacking in everyday heroes who go above and beyond their jobs description.

Now my other band of 24/7 heroes are the nursing staff, the RN’s and the CNA’s. These ladies and gentlemen work long, hard 12-hour shifts. Each of them is highly skilled and has great caring and compassion for their patients. I am secure as their patient that I have the best possible care given to and for me.

Madisonville St. Joseph’s nurses are hidden jewels in a diamond mine, and Madisonville is blessed to have them all here to care for us.

My sincere thanks to all the departments and staff of our St. Joseph Hospital,


Flores doesn’t reveal the crimes Trump has committed

In the last few days, I have seen two political ads by our House of Representatives Republican who claimed that the president “broke the law” and implied that the House should impeach him. Rep. Bill Flores did not say what law had been broken nor how it qualified as a high crime or misdemeanor, as the Constitutions requires for impeachment. No evidence was cited. The Constitution in essence says that impeachment is a criminal process, not a political one. In essence, the House acts as prosecutor and the Senate acts as jury.

The prosecuting House seeks evidence for an unspecified crime. They subpoena the president to help them incriminate him by supplying evidence they hope to use against him. They demand that the president provide transcripts of his phone calls with foreign leaders, emails and even tax returns and accounting records from the time when he was not president. He is supposed to release his aides and lawyers to testify against him. Regular citizens are not required to self-incriminate. Why does a president have to do that?

Hillary Clinton, in destroying likely incriminating evidence in her subpoenaed emails, did not have to incriminate herself. She was allowed to destroy those emails, and nobody prosecuted her for breaking a law or obstructing justice. True, that act helped to cost her the election, and maybe Donald Trump’s act will cause his defeat a year from now. Elections are our check on malfeasance. As I understand the law, neither Hillary nor Trump are obliged to assist in their own criminal prosecution.

Rep. Flores argues that even though President Trump does many good things for the country, he should not “be above the law.”


Thank you for voting against embracing commercialization

In reference to “CS land status change denied,” I would like to thank Councilmen Dennis Maloney, John Nichols and the other three council members for protecting the integrity of the neighborhood by voting against “embracing commercialization."

BOB THOMAS, College Station