Letters to the Editor

There is a reason so many people are wrong

I was sorry to see a front-page picture of a young woman carrying a sign which read “IM SKIPPING A LESSON TO TEACH YOU ONE.” She was skipping a class which might teach her something about climate change or governmental history.

There is a reason the climate change belief is held by U.N. leadership, members of the mainstream media, Democratic politicians and left-wing members of academia. That reason is climate change is a great method to sell socialism. It is a theory that can’t be proved for many years and it is so big only the government can solve it. Therefore, we need massive government enforcement of new climate change rules to ensure people do what they are told.

Of course, this would destroy the economy and make people more subservient to an increasingly tyrannical government. As Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s former adviser Saikat Chakrabarti said, “… We think of it [the Green New Deal] as a how-do-you-change-the-entire-economy-thing.” I have never understood why so many younger people are willing to give up their freedom for these types of campaigns. I assume it is because someone in authority has told them they are doing a good thing, or maybe they have convinced themselves based on left-wing propaganda.

I also wonder about the horrific bird and bat killings by both wind and solar power (estimates are 500,000 per year). One of the beautiful birds killed is the one for which The Eagle is named — the golden eagle. When I read the cold-hearted articles by climate change activists, I often wonder if these are the same people who speak so movingly about wildlife.

It sounds more like the reaction of an entitled, ruthless group of elitists such as the current Democratic politicians. And, that, of course, is the end game — electing Democrat politicians who will increase the size and power of government.


College Station