Letters to the Editor

Safeguards in the Constitution allow us to exist as a nation

James Roth's letter (Eagle, Aug. 16) contains the very dangerous premise that the U.S. Constitution was a sin. Nothing could be further from the truth much less that it was an original sin. He said that what we have now is a "dictatorship of the minority." In fact for this country the only dictatorship of the minority is the one created not by our form of government but instead by the minority using media, social media, and bullying to try and convince the population that their ideas are the only correct ones.

It is our form of government and the safeguards provided in the Constitution (especially when the courts use its original interpretation) that allow for a nation to exist. It is only when limited authority of the federal government and consent of the states provided by the Constitution that its citizens are not being deprived of their freedom.

If a few highly populated states controlled the ability to expand federal authority and control laws that only make sense in extreme urban areas ,we then would quickly become victims of a dictatorship.