Letters to the Editor

Will first-time voter be harassed for his choice of candidate?

In January 2020, I will become eligible to vote. With that right, I should not feel worried about being a target of harassment for my political views or whom I choose to vote for.

Members of Congress publishing donor lists and publicly announcing these donors are fueling hate and racism. As an American citizen don’t I have the right to donate to whomever I choose?

When I am able to cast my 1st ballot, will I need to worry about people trying to intimidate me from voting my beliefs?

I sit and watch all the hateful political rhetoric and wonder why Americans have come to this. What exactly would I be voting for? More of this?


College Station

Trump obviously has a strong core to withstand criticism

Bobby Presley (Eagle, Aug. 22) wrote of rethinking support of President Donald Trump. Calling Trump a pathological liar and purposely divisive through sexist and racist rhetoric is strong language and very poorly supportable. Saying so is accusatory rhetoric without proven truth.

It is the political left that refers to racist matters frequently, fueling the issue, not Trump. Saying the southern border wall is unnecessary is opinion, and that is fine, but it is not factual. Budget matters should be directed at Congress, not Trump.

Trump has not embraced, as Presley uses the word, foreign leaders important to American interests, but has engaged them hoping for diplomatic resolutions.

The leadership of China, Russia, North Korea and Iran are making the world less safe, not Trump.

Presley’s negative comments about Trump’s leadership appointees is misleading in that generally new presidents appoint new people supporting his policies and change them later if they don’t.

It seems that President Trump didn’t like a lot of the leadership Presley liked.

The Mueller investigation doesn’t deserve comment. Climate scientists can’t even agree if there is a climate crisis, and Presley simply disagrees with Trump, who seems to think it ridiculous to damage the American economy based on debatable information when, at least, India and China continue massive pollution.

There is no evidence that Russia’s attempts to affect voting were successful, only that it tried.

It is important to discern and separate fact from opinion, which is getting difficult to do. We should respect differences of opinion, but consider the war waged against Trump and how he has shouldered that as he makes difficult decision for us.

You may disagree with those, but he obviously has a strong core and takes his responsibilities to heart.

That deserves respect.