Texas A&M vs. Texas State football

Texas State’s Kordell Rodgers (3) stops Texas A&M’s Jhamon Ausbon (2) in the second quarter Thursday at Kyle Field.

A lot has changed for Texas A&M wide receiver Jhamon Ausbon since head coach Jimbo Fisher took over the reigns in Aggieland. Now as a junior, Ausbon has stepped into a leadership role among the receiving corps after tallying 946 yards and three touchdowns in his first two seasons. This year, he’s learned to improve his suit game as well as continuing to post numbers, including 144 receiving yards and a touchdown in the Aggies’ first two games.

What are the plane rides like to the games?

It’s kind of a moment of like, you know, that’s when that actually hits you that you have a game. That bonding with the team, putting the suit on ... eating on the plane, bonding with your brothers — it’s kind of a lock-in moment. It’s kind of like, “All right. We’re here to go and do business. We’re in our suits.” So it’s like a business mindset.

Are you a big fashion guy?

I’m a fashion guy, but the suits are new to me since coach has been here. So I’m getting to like those things. I’m getting my suit game up.

What’s your go-to suit color?

I’ll say I like plaid. I like the pattern. So just some kind of plaid. Not that visible but like a dark plaid.

Does the team talk about fashion?

Yeah, that’s the funny part about it. So now it’s a lot of competition for who was the best with their suits and, you know, loafers and stuff.

Who is the judge?

Each other. I think we have a good understanding of who looks good and who doesn’t look good. So you hear a lot of that on the sideline.

Who has been a winner in the past couple week?

I know Anthony Hines is always pretty fly. I’m a pretty fly guy. Kellen [Mond] takes it very serious. Probably one of us three.

What’s your favorite victory meal?

I’m a big fish guy, so I like the salmon, and we have a peach cobbler. That’s my favorite right there.

What’s your pump-up music before the game?

I like to kind of simmer. I like to be chill and sit around. I listen to a lot of like ... well ... Panic! At The Disco is not that quiet, but I like them. I like Lana Del Rey. It’s kind of some chill, indie music.

Do you prefer to keep the adrenaline down?

Yeah. I like them and embrace the moment and just be very relaxed.

Do you have any hobbies away from the football field?

I love to play video games, but I’m a football player. I think everything I do is involved in football. So if I’m not playing it, I’m watching it and studying receivers.

Do you watch more college football or NFL?

NFL. I watch college football too, a lot of college players.

Do you have a favorite NFL team?

I’m a Saints fan, but I like to watch certain receivers — Odell [Beckham Jr.], Julio [Jones], you know the guys like Adam Thielen, Keenan Allen and those guys.

Is there one guy you feel like you model yourself after?

Adam Thielen. Obviously, I’m bigger than him, but I feel like we’re not the fastest guys in the world but we understand our game, and I try to be as technical he is.

What video games are you into?

Call of Duty. Straight up Call of Duty.

Who is the best on the team?

I think I am. Me and Roshauud Paul. He’s pretty good.

Are you a Madden guy at all?

I used to be, but I don’t know. I used to be, but stuff gets kind of like ... like a fraud ... fake. It’s not realistic. I’m very competitive, so I can’t play those types of games, because I get mad fast.

Who is the jokester in the wide receiver corps?

Our room is full personalities. I think all of us as a whole. It’s ridiculous in there.

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