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Texas A&M offensive lineman Carson Green (54) gets ready for a play against Lamar on Sept. 14, 2019, at Kyle Field.

Texas A&M right tackle Carson Green knew all about tradition after playing his high school football at Southlake Carroll where they “Protect the Tradition.” Now in his third season in Aggieland, the 6-foot-6, 315-pound “Maroon Goon” is continuing to take in a new Aggie tradition one day at a time, including game days as a key member of the A&M offensive line. Green started all 13 games last season and the first three this season.

What’s your dream car?

I drive a Ram 2500, and my dream car is probably another truck. I’m not a car guy. I’m a big boat guy. I want a big MasterCraft boat.

Are you more into fishing or water sports?

I just love being on the lake. I want a bass boat. I want a center console, and I want a pontoon boat, and I want a little ski boat.

Is there a group of players on the team who are boat guys?

We don’t mainly talk about boats. We just always want to get on a boat on the water. You’ve got Connor Blumrick. He’s good at all the water sports. Baylor Cupp — you should see him surf. That guy can surf. The O-line, we might not be the most athletic looking guys, but, hey, we can get on a surfboard and we can do it.

How often will you get on the lake during the offseason?

In the summer, we went out probably like five weekends or six weekends. Quite a bit.

What other hobbies do you have?

I’m a hunter and a fisher. During the bye week, we’ll probably go hunting or something like that, like a group of us. Fishing, it is kind of one of the things if I can find time I’ll go.

Where do you like to go fishing around here?

You know, Connor Lanfear last year, we used to go with him. We used to go down to the Navasota River. A couple times, me and Jared Hocker, we went and caught a couple garfish with him.

Who is the best angler on the team?

I don’t know now. I know it used to be Lanfear. He used to be pretty good — or he said he was. He’d catch a 6-inch fish and say it was 12 or 14 inches.

What’s been the most surprising A&M tradition?

I heard about the Midnight Yell, but I didn’t realize how crazy that was, the whole thing. We’d be leaving fall camp at 10 o’clock at night [and] we’d see all these people walking from the fountain just soaked. It’s one of those things: It’s 10 o’clock at night and it’s holding up a whole lot of us because there are hundreds of them walking right in front of us jumping on the fountain the whole time.

Have you been to a Midnight Yell?

I just see videos. I’ve never gotten to experience that.

Is that something you’re looking forward to coming back to do?

I’ll definitely go do some of that stuff. You know, you just don’t have time. I definitely want to experience more of the Aggie traditions.

What is Friday night like before a game?

We have dinner, but if it’s a night game, we go to the movies. Last week, we went to see Rambo, so that was fun. It’s kind of like a relaxation. There’s popcorn and Icees. Some guys eat a lot of those. I’m not a big sweets guy. Then you go back to do some meetings when you get back to the hotel, kind of clear things up. You get another snack and just go to bed. If it’s a late game, you should wake up, and 10 o’clock is [walkthrough] and there’s meetings and you lay around and get ready for the game.

That’s the biggest bonding kind of moments you get, because it’s the most time off we get and everyone’s just relaxed.

Last weekend, they gave the O-line the Instagram. So we’re all joking around with that thing.

What is it like doing social media stuff with the team?

I’m not a big social media guy or anything like that. We’re all laughing. Honestly, we learned a lot of new stuff about it. Me and [Colton] Prater, we didn’t know how to work any of it, so people would be showing us how to do the images and stuff like that in the videos. It was pretty funny.

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