Texas A&M sophomore defensive lineman Bobby Brown III was destined to be a basketball player. His mother, Erica Kelly, is now a coach after a basketball career of her own at Southern Miss and professionally overseas. But for all the basketball in his blood, football always had Brown’s heart. He has made his mark on the Aggie program after picking A&M over Alabama.

Do you have any hobbies or hidden talents?

Play basketball. That’s my thing. Can’t tell [defensive ends coach Terry Price] about that or [defensive coordinator Mike Elko].

Growing up with your mom was basketball your first love?

My first love was always football. I like playing basketball with a mom who went pro in basketball. She kind of pushed me to play a little bit, and I actually liked it, but it was just football was where my heart was.

Were you a post?

I didn’t play at all.

What would have been your best skill if you played competitive?

Shooting — outside shooter and that fadeaway.

Do you have any favorite basketball players or team?

I used to have a team, but the team broke up, so I’ll say I have a favorite player. My favorite player in the league as of right now I would have to say is Kawhi Leonard.

What’s your favorite celebratory postgame meal?

My mom used to make this cake called triple-chocolate cake. That was my favorite in the whole world.

What do you listen to before the game?

One song I listen to every game is Thugz Mansion by Tupac and ’Till I Collapse by Eminem.

How long have you been listening to those?

I’ve been listening to that for as long as I can remember, especially Thugz Mansion. It was actually my Uncle Bear’s favorite song, and Tupac is mom’s favorite artist. So I listen to that song at least once before every game. And I always listen to ’Till I Collapse before I come out, right before I come out, like the last five minutes.

What’s the dynamic between you and defensive tackle Justin Madubuike?

It’s love and hate sometimes. I hate that man sometimes. He get on my nerves, bro. All he does is crack jokes in the meeting room. But me too. I look up to him a lot in some aspects, especially just how good he is and how seriously he takes this game but also how he has fun with it.

What’s your favorite Texas A&M tradition?

Even though I didn’t like standing up for the game, it is cool, just like how they stand up for like the whole game. It does really show the love that the 12th Man has for the football team.

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