Waco University vs. Rudder volleyball (copy)

Here are the Brazos Valley volleyball statistics. Coaches and statisticians can email season totals by noon Mondays to sports@theeagle.com.


Player, School Kills
Coco Gillett, Bryan 412
Asani McGee, Rudder 235
Brooke Bentke, Brenham 232
Marley Maurer, Caldwell 225
Madison Johnson, Rudder 221
Jenna Hardy, Brenham 201
Elizabeth See, Caldwell 201
Brielle Warren, College Station 170
Taylor Baker, Rudder 153
Lyndsie McBride, Bremond 151
Brionna Warren, College Station 146
Kaylee Herd, Rudder 142
Ana De La Garza, College Station 142
Abby Clayton, Brenham 138
Allison Meisner, Brenham 136
Zoe Peterek, College Station 132
Shreya Sunkari, College Station 119
Aaliyah Massingill, Caldwell 97
Heaven Dunn, Bryan 94
Jadyn Driver, Bryan 78
Chloe Tanner, Brenham 73
Megan Vaughan, Bryan 71
Rilee Cumpton, Bryan 68
Haley Santleben, Brenham 64
Jacey Vykukal, Caldwell 64
Symia Alexander, Rudder 56
Sutton Springer, Consol 54
Ava Derbes, Consol 52
Morgan Riley, Bryan 48
Emery Goerig, College Station 46
Jordyn English, Consol 41
Corinne Dillard, Caldwell 39
Emma Pahl, Consol 37
Cierra Gilbert, Consol 32
Elissa Duncan, KOR 31


Player, School Assists
Kaylee Herd, Rudder 661
Kennedy Cavin, Caldwell 561
Megan Vaughan, Bryan 519
Gabi Workman, Brenham 374
Abby Peterek, College Station 313
Haley Santleben, Brenham 283
Lyndsie McBride, Bremond 224
Macy Nugent, College Station 207
Sophia Gouge, Bremond 142
Amy Hu, College Station 136
Ava Derbes, Consol 129
Rilee Cumpton, Bryan 86
Sydney McCorkle, Consol 85
Hailey Pohl, Rudder 74


Player, School Aces
Gracie Menchaca, Rudder 56
Kaylee Herd, Rudder 38
Brooke Bentke, Brenham 37
Jordan Little, Rudder 37
Lyndsie McBride, Bremond 37
Makenna Muth, Rudder 35
Alex Smith, Bryan 33
Taylor Baker, Rudder 30
Gabi Workman, Brenham 30
Marley Maurer, Caldwell 29
Kennedy Cavin, Caldwell 29
Emerson Faust, Caldwell 28
Ana De La Garza, College Station 25
Heaven Dunn, Bryan 23
Abby Clayton, Brenham 23
Alyssa Pauler, Brenham 23
Delayni Drgac, Caldwell 23
Abby Peterek, College Station 22
Coco Gillett, Bryan 22
Kate Georgiades, College Station 21
Amaia Jefferson, Bryan 20


Player, School Digs
Gracie Menchaca, Rudder 390
Kate Georgiades, College Station 376
Taylor Baker, Rudder 304
Makenna Muth, Rudder 264
Emerson Faust, Caldwell 221
Coco Gillett, Bryan 219
Kaylee Herd, Rudder 215
Amaia Jefferson, Bryan 203
Ana De La Garza, College Station 202
Brooke Bentke, Brenham 183
Delayni Drgac, Caldwell 175
Alyssa Pauler, Brenham 162
Rilee Cumpton, Bryan 162
Makayla Pruitt, Bremond 123
Abby Peterek, College Station 119
Maddie McKinney, Consol 118
Jordan Little, Rudder 149
Alex Smith, Bryan 110
Megan Vaughan, Bryan 108
Jacey Vykukal, Caldwell 98
Kennedy Cavin, Caldwell 97
Lyndsie McBride, Bremond 97
Kramer Eschete, Brenham 97
Brayli Edwards, College Station 95
Haley Santleben, Brenham 86
Marley Maurer, Caldwell 85
Kaylee Maurer, Caldwell 83
Sutton Springer, Consol 77
Macy Nugent, College Station 74
Jenna Johnson, Caldwell 71
Hailey Pohl, Rudder 66
Gabi Workman, Brenham 64
Nadia SanMiguel, Bryan 60
Amy Hu, College Station 55
Jenna Hardy, Brenham 49
Sarah Duncan, KOR 46
Ava Derbes, Consol 45
Keira Herron, College Station 44
Asani McGee, Rudder 44
Madison Kimes, College Station 42
Nena Walton, KOR 42
Kaley Burrow, KOR 41
Brionna Warren, College Station 41
Jadyn Driver, Bryan 41
Zoe Peterek, College Station 40
Gracen Harrell, Consol 40


Player, School Total blocks
Brionna Warren, College Station 69
Abby Clayton, Brenham 67
Asani McGee, Rudder 60
Elizabeth See, Caldwell 53
Heaven Dunn, Bryan 51
Chloe Tanner, Brenham 44
Emery Goerig, College Station 41
Morgan Riley, Bryan 39
Aaliyah Massingill, Caldwell 32
Coco Gillett, Bryan 28
Brielle Warren, College Station 28
Elissa Duncan, KOR 26
Veronica Whiteacre, KOR 24
Zoe Peterek, College Station 23
Madison Johnson, Rudder 21
Allison Meisner, Brenham 21
Rilee Cumpton, Bryan 20
Marley Maurer, Caldwell 20
Cierra Gilbert, Consol 19
Megan Vaughan, Bryan 18
Ana De La Garza, College Station 15
Shreya Sunkari, College Station 15
Kaylee Herd, Rudder 15
Symia Alexander, Rudder 14
Brooke Bentke, Brenham 14
Tanner Dickens, Brenham 13
Emma Silvey, Brenham 13
Kennedy Cavin, Caldwell 20
Lauryn Callis, Consol 11
Ava Derbes, Consol 10


Player, School Hitting pct.
Michaela Jaster, Caldwell 0.5
Emerson Faust, Caldwell 0.5
Megan Vaughan, Bryan 0.492
Elizabeth See, Caldwell 0.401
Marley Maurer, Caldwell 0.323
Aaliyah Massingill, Caldwell 0.298
Macy Taylor, Caldwell 0.298
Cierra Gilbert, Consol 0.286
Coco Gillett, Bryan 0.253
Emma Pahl, Consol 0.248
Ava Derbes, Consol 0.241
Kaylee Herd, Rudder 0.241
Abby Peterek, College Station 0.227
Kennedy Cavin, Caldwell 0.226
Lauryn Callis, Consol 0.217
Brionna Warren, College Station 0.212
Emery Goerig, College Station 0.2
Asani McGee, Rudder 0.182
Madison Johnson, Rudder 0.177
Jordyn English, Consol 0.167
Zoe Peterek, College Station 0.163
Heaven Dunn, Bryan 0.155
Sutton Springer, Consol 0.15
Jacey Vykukal, Caldwell 0.14
Shreya Sunkari, College Station 0.134
Taylor Baker, Rudder 0.132
Corinne Dillard, Caldwell 0.127
Ana De La Garza, College Station 0.123
Brielle Warren, College Station 0.112
Addison Reed, Caldwell 0.102

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