Sometimes I'd have a hard time proving my sanity considering the pursuits I partake in and the depths at which I'll go.

  The development of a single type of fly for Largemouth bass has engulfed my entire spring so far. The Froggy fly is a frog imitator that has a long history of fooling hungry bass at the waters edge. The waters edge in spring grows more and more weedy moving into warmer weather and is not a friendly place for a fly that snags everything with its exposed hook. 

  But these weedy areas of the pond are the environment that the big bass will bed, spawn and wait in ambush for their dinner.. So for the fly fisherman the trick is to present a delectable looking imitation like a froggy fly right where the bass are hiding in those thick weeds...  Tying a weedless fly without also making it fish-less as well is not an easy task and it requires some new engineering of the Froggy Fly...  I don't have the best froggy yet but I'm getting closer with each new version.. 

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