The Michigan deer season starts on the 15th of November every year and has for as long as any hunter today can remember. My dad hunted from a Upper Peninsula deer camp the first time in the early 60's.  There were a few years dad didn't make it all the way up to the deer camp near Crystal Falls but he did hunt somewhere north of the big bridge.  

All my early life I remember dad leaving for the north woods a few days before the 15th of November and I couldn't wait to be old enough to go with him. Even after moving to Texas in 1971 dad would still take leave to hunt the U.P. with his hunting buddies.  I don't recall dad talking much about the time spent in deer camp (or anything else for that matter)  but I knew something was very special about the time spent roughing it with old men way out in the cold north woods of Michigan's U.P.

My first November trip to the U.P. deer camp came in 1979. Fresh out of high school and working at Lanehart's Cabinet Company Dad and I hunted that September in New Mexico and then come November headed to Michigan.  Lots of memories from that year as I took the biggest buck of the camp on opening day.  

I have no idea where the next 25 years went as it was 2004 before I made it back to the U.P. to deer hunt again.  I did make the trip for consecutive years from 2007 thru 2011 with the last time for our camp being 2012 when mom and dad's health concerns ended their time as Michigan snowbirds.  The internet is a great comfort and keeps me "in the loop" so to speak about Michigan and the U.P. 

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