The last big rainmaker has set the stage for another great winter whitebass and crappie fishing season over at Lake Somerville.  The creeks are pushing all that floodwater down to the lake and with it comes a significant rise.

As of Thursday, December 13, 2018 the lake was at 244.36 Feet MSL which is 6.36 feet above the full pool level of 238.00.

Lake Somerville is a relatively shallow lake especially where the creeks enter the lake. Years of flood and drought have pushed tons of sediment and debris down and into the lake forming huge deltas that prevent easy access to the creeks by boat. It is only when the lake is a few feet above normal pool level that the masses of whitebass and crappie can move up into the creeks & allow fishermen in power boats to follow.

As the season progresses much of the best fishing is way up the creeks and only accessible on foot or in some limited areas by adventurous paddlers willing to fight through shallow flats and think brush. And of course there is always the dam and spillway for a quick fix..


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