My days start and end quietly usually on the front porch in a rocking chair with my three country cats. About twice a week the cattle will come up from the river bottom in the early morning and graze through the front pasture on their way to the adjoining ranch next door. 

Starting the day long before the sun comes up is now my usual morning ritual living on the ranch.  Most weekdays the wife is "out the gate" before first light as she works the early shift at a preschool daycare here in town.  To all you parents with toddlers just imagine your little bundle of joy and energy times five!  That is what my wife does five days a week! And yes at the end of the day she is spent.  

Me on the other hand try to get as much done as possible at the ranch before heading into work here at The Eagle.  The long days of summer are great to get lots of projects going and maybe wrapped up before wet weather sets in.  Country living is hot hard work but I've never been happier about doing anything else. 

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