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In the springtime of the year when the whitebass have been actively spawning for weeks already the end of the season can come very quickly usu…

The adventurous kayak fishers are always looking for "new water" to feed the addiction. Luckily there wasn't much standing in our way of makin…


A very quick Tuesday trip back to Lake Granger's Willis creek for some whitebass on the fly! Warm sunny days and a full moon have the whitebas…

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Ben Tedrick

Ben Tedrick commented on FishTales: Fall back to Normal

clousers brown over white and anything that mimics shad. Lots of sunfish in the Brazos too so just about any fly that works on them.. I've not made as many trips up to Whitney as I'd like so I'm a little out of the loop on the generation schedule. I also throw more spinning gear baits tha…

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Ben Tedrick commented on Around the next bend..

Our plans for the river trip last Saturday got sunk!

Ben Tedrick

It takes a lot of water in the Yegua with the lake near or above normal level in January to get the whitebass up the Yegua any distance. We did not get enough rain over the winter to flood the creek or bring the lake up enough to allow the whitebass easy passage through the shallow upper end…

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Ben Tedrick commented on FishTales: Workin' it

These fish are spawned-out so they will not be in the shallow fast moving water for much longer. Normally the whitebass spawn is all but done by the first of April in the Yegua. This year being much cooler then usual and a lack of rain has muted and condensed the spawn in the creeks at Lak…

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That hawk-like bird is a Cara cara and we have been seeing more and more of those scavenger birds coming further north every year. I've know about the otters for about five years now and they, like the Cara cara have moved into the area from the east.

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Ben Tedrick commented on Defeating the Yak Dragon

Being in good physical shape is required to do these dragging yak adventures but being smart about it is even more important. Knowing what I'm getting into and how much I can do is the bigger part of being prepared. It does surprise me how little most people know about doing these outdoor …

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Ben Tedrick commented on Ducks Unlimited supports Proposition 6

Concerned Texan, Unfortunately the process in getting to something better often goes through H LL and high water to get there. These serious social and environmental issues where the almighty dollar's influence takes control over decision makers, seldom move in a positive direction very qu…

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