Why is this murderer only charged with aggravated robbery? He should spend the rest of his life in a cage. And bail? is this a bad joke?

So let me get this straight, Aggieland Dome Manager couldn't handle this petty issue?
They had to resort to calling the police and wasting their time for $2600.00 ?
First off thats the over priced monthly membership charge for four of it's members. Second if the management can't hand…

Uh Yeah Right...moving on

Cross should be drug through the mud. Shooting a man in the back and then shooting an innocent bystander?
Cross should be far away from B/CS our community doesn't need any officers that think their Dirty Harry with our citizens.

Cross needs to be working at the border considering he thinks he's in the wild west...pathetic

[sad].....I hope her license is revoked and she can never practice again. She's a truly horrible person and should never have children. Anyone that lacks empathy for the life of animals would surely lack that for a child. She congratulates herself for killing the defenseless, What a complete…

That disgusting pedophile should get life in prison and be put in general population,

I agree with BarelyInterpid it really doesnt matter in the end who said what the killer had no justified right to kill this girl.
He life was in no danger he went back to his house and came back with a gun.
That was a conscience choice and as for his excuse of just wanting to scare t…

clinicalgoddess commented on Police: Woman beat autistic man with a broom

Actually with the Republicans its easier to throw mentally ill people on the streets than prison or a hospital.

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