Castration is too kind! In a LOT of countries, IF a child molester is lucky enough to LIVE to go to trial, he would receive the death penalty and sentence would NOT be postponed for 20 years for appeals! He refused to cooperate without an attorney? Another flaw in our system, as that SHOULD …

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freewaybaby= Marcy Powell Bryan, Tx.

freewaybaby commented on Hodges, Charles F.

I'm so sorry for the loss of your sweet husband, father and grandfather! Sue and Charles are some of the nicest people I've ever had the pleasure of meeting. May your whole family find comfort in the fact that his life was full of love for you all; that will not change. God bless you all!

Even though, he MAY have regained the right to own and possess a firearm in Texas, it would only be allowed on the premises on which he lives, so THAT law (Texas law) was broken....just for starters.
Both Texas law and federal law impose restrictions on gun possession and ownership for p…

Still, he IS the one who had served time due to "possession of a firearm by a felon". Three years didn't change his mind about owning a firearm, which he IS entitled to own, once the correct time passed after abrogation, maybe NOT so "correctly" abrogated, as you state. …

Well, she's NOT behind bars. Making the kind of money she does, she could pay her bail easily and is probably out making more to pay any fines and restitution she may be hit with!

It WAS needless and DWI penalties are NOT stiff enough, but in this case, it wouldn't matter..... the driver who caused the accident has paid the ultimate price; she is dead!

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