Showing off these photos at work in New York and several comments made about these being the best rodeo/bullriding shots they have ever seen. Whoever took them did a great job.

Great organization doing what is best for America. These scholarships are so important to the future of the next generations. Congratulations on a super job.

Want to see Aggies win get to the Ladies Basketball games. It is exciting and a great value for your money and always fun for the kids. Gig 'em coach Blair.

If ever there was a need for a poster boy supporting the death penalty this dirt ball fits the bill.

Poor little puppy.

Thought maybe Blair would take over golf when he got through with Basketball!! Just kidding of course, welcome Ms Gaston look forward to seeing your work.

Yea, the morals of BCS are saved[beam]

thank you BCC, this is a good Thanksgiving.

Paying the provider for different uniforms, one the black suit will be in running for ugliest in college football, is nothing more than copy-catting on Oregan and Baylor. What a waste in payroll between Cook who tried to get hired elsewhere and Watson. This is a bad joke and by the way we …

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