justwondering commented on Ottea, Makala M.

Makala's Mom,
I know you loved your daughter very much. Makala knows you love her but I think she would want you to be happy in this life until you see her again. So put up that tree and drink that eggnog. Makala would want you to.

Coach Hoppers has been long overlooked and St. Joseph's lucky
to get such an outstanding coach.

This article seems very disjointed and the timeline is hard to follow.
Sad case and praying for the victims and their families.

What ever happened to dance with the one that brought you?

justwondering commented on Sanders, CRNA, S. Catherine "Cay"

Your words are so comforting and poetic. She sounds like a wonderful

justwondering commented on Aggie evicted from 'Big Brother' house

Play to win or go home. Wait a minute, that's what he did!

Why were the comments removed?

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